Don't Be Afraid to Get Help

So, I've posted here a few times, wondering if I'll ever get over my picking, why I pick, all those things. I've been talking to a therapist and started taking some mood stabilizing medication and I'm not in total control but things have been going much better. I only pick around once a week for maybe half an hour. And even better, my skin is clearing and my scars are fading. I thought I'd never stop, but I'm doing really well and the day where I stop picking altogether is coming very soon. One of the scariest parts of skin picking is thinking how weird you are for doing it, but really no habit is what defines a person. And there's nothing wrong with getting help. Once you take the first step, you've begun to take control of your habit and can grow past it. Don't lose hope! And it's not something that takes a whole lifetime to beat - I've been picking for 6 years, but I'm only 19 and I'm turning things around. I only wish I had gone to see someone sooner!

barbarousbee barbarousbee
Mar 19, 2009