I Have a Mania?? Really??

Hi everyone,

I've been picking for many many many years now. When I was about 10 years old a doctor noticed my arms had scars all over them. She asked me if I thought there were bugs under my skin and about why I was picking my arms. I didn't think there were bugs under my skin, I just got satisifaction from seeing a hair folicle come out of a bump. But I was too young to explain this. Instead I shut down and never spoke about it again, although I did continue to pick. When I was about 12 I got the chicken pox. Although I did not pick the chicken pox because my mother kept a realy close eye on me, I still to this day pick my chicken pox scar that is between my eyebrows (I am 27). I have a fine collection of tweezers, mirrors and LED flashlights. I have tweezers in all my enviroments and keep one in my purse "just in case". The chicken pox scar has been in a pretty much constant state of being ripped up. I pull the hairs out of the scar and will go so far as to gouge hairs out. Once I've gouged the hair out it tends to leave a scab, which I will pick over and over again. Several times a day sometimes. I'm not sure of the true cause but I know the only circumstance that I don't pick is if I am very busy and not alone or if the hairs are temporarly gone. Over the years I've tried several ways to stop including bandaids, keeping my hands busy, waxing etc. I feel like if I had electrolysis that I could stop picking between my eyebrows but I can never let the hair grow in enough or heal enough to consider seeing a specialist.

Anyways...it's extremely nice to know that I'm not alone. I really want to heal this up. I have extreme fears of sweating too much (thus removing my coverup). I hate the summer and don't work out much because of this problem. I'm not sure what else to say but thank you for reading this! :)

Katesss Katesss
Mar 20, 2009