I have been picking my fingers for over 10years. mainly around the finger nail. I can't stop. I put on fake nail which works but I can't afford getting them filled. And my brain knows the nails are off and I look down and I see me picking it's like when did I start again. I want my fingers to look better. Theres no support where I live. Can anyone help me?

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2 Responses May 13, 2009

There's really no support anywhere except here on the internet.<br />
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I too only do my fingers + I have trichtillomania. <br />
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Were you able to stop?

Thank you, you just helped me make a bit of a break through in a way, i have never thought of my attacks on my fingers around the nails as part of my dermatillomania, as the damage to arms, breasts, face, pubic area and legs are much worse, but it had been bothering me as just yet another thing that was wrong with me, but now i can think of it as all part of the same problem, thank you.