Never Thought I Would Be Doing This..

I have now been dealing with this for over 11 years. I have my fair share of scars and told many lies to cover them up. I have tried everything from expensive psychologists to attempting to stop with my own willpower. I don't have a lot of money, so I can't afford to go pay someone to help me. I feel like my family does not understand how much pain this causes me, which makes me pick more. They just do not understand. My boyfriend begs me to stop and I really want to. The compulsion just gets so strong that I can't. I have had my fair share of life problems when I was younger,  but I feel like I am over it. I want to move on, but I can't when I can't work because I have open sores that could potentially be a large problem when I am an EMT. I am so tired of the scars and questions that I do not know where to turn anymore. If anyone has any ways they stopped picking on their own, I would really appreciate you letting me know what they are. I want to stop this cycle that I have been living with for so long.

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dblondie520, the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) seems to have potential. Yesterday, I worked with the therapist on visualization techniques. She suggests visualizing a traffic cop at an intersection with a whistle that tells me to stop every time I think about picking. So far, I've been able to paint the picture in my mind enough to make me aware of what I'm doing and talk myself into stopping.

Thank you very much. Can you let me know how your Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works? One thing I have done that works is special healing bandages that you leave on for days, so it heals and you can pick at it. I can only do this on one cut at a time because I don't want everyone asking what happened. Thank you again for the ideas

I managed to stop for a while by wearing gloves around the house. It is not a long term solution and it doesn't get to the root of the problem but I wasn't having much luck with my shrink or Paxil at the time. I'm back to picking again and trying a new therapist who gives Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

I personally have never managed to stop, and frequently fall ill from infections in my wounds. But the things that i have heard, are things like, wrapping bandages around areas you normally attack (i am unable to do that, cos i would look like an egyptian mummy), removing all tools that you might use (e.g. pins, or tweezers) (this kinda of helped me) and also covering all mirrors, (this is mostly helpful to those with BDD or similar disorders) this means you don't see it, and if you have it covered up like i said before, then you can't feel it. So it almost removes the issue, the difficulties are of course washing, or changing clothes. best thing is to do both of these as quickly as possible, away from mirrors and prepare yourself before you do them.<br />
I hope these tips can be of some use, While they haven't helped me stop, they have helped me occasionally not attack my skin when i otherwise would have. <br />
Good luck.