One day my skin started itching severly. To the point that I was almost on my knees from the pain of itching. This itching continued for a few days, then I started welting up wherever I scratched. I look this up on the internet and found pictures of other people welting up exactly like I was. I discovered that this was called Dermatographism. I learned that this was often caused by an allergy to something. I became more concious of the things that I injested and that came in contact with my body. One day I realized that right after I put on a new pair of earrings I had purchased that my ears started burning and itching. I realized that everytime I wore these earrings that this itching and welting was provoked. I stopped wearing these earrings and my problem disappeared.

Keep away all toxins and things that may be causing you allergies and see if it helps. I even started eating only fruits for a couple days because I had that that I was allergic to something I was eating. Good luck in finding your allergy!
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It is slowly killing me along with 1,000,000 antihistamines