my son was born with this condition from what the doctors can find out and that's not a lot from the day he was born he cried all day and night his skin was red and swollen all the time, when he turned 4 months we noticed hand marks and swelling were his nappies were so we took him to the doctors and was lucky that we saw a doctor that knows a little about this condition, but told us there was nothing they could do and he would grow out of it by about 1 or 2, but hay-ho he is almost 4 now and is really bad he is under the hospital for lots of tests as he is getting worse as his skin is blistering and bleeding when not on medication but they can't find whats setting it of they are trying chemicals now, but he has stopped feeling most of the pain and they think that its coz he is in pain everyday and its part of his life now.
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I'm 14 years old and I have demographism exactly how you described. I was told that I would grow out of it several times, several years ago and it never happened. But I can tell you that mine isn't as bad as it was when I was little. Probably because I'm so used to it now. I take Allegra everyday and it definitely does something. It does not get rid of them completely but it does reduce a lot of the itching. I hope this helped you, and good luck to your son.

Yeah, that doesn't sound like dermatographia to me....

That doesn't sound like dermographism. Perhaps epidermolysis bullosa?