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So I have wrote before but I am starting to get down, frustrated, and losing a little more hope everyday that I will not get this under control. I was diagnosed with DM about 2 years ago but all the symptoms started about 8 years ago. In these two years I have had very little relief. The skin problems were a easy fix except the red and purple cheeks but I can live with that. I have been on methotrexate, Celcept and Enbrel and the only thing that seemed to help even a little was the Enbrel but not even that was doing a lot.

I have now been off work for three months with back pain, leg numbness and now since I have been off the Enbrel, I am getting all the other symptoms back. My feet kill me, legs are heavy, shoulders are in so much pain I can not pick things up most days, and my back just feels like someone is standing on it everyday.

My new doctor put me on Plaquenil and that is not doing a thing. Has anyone had luck with that and if so on what dosage? I just don't get how that is suppose to help me if the doctors can not even figure out how the medication works.

Does anyone have any suggestions. And if someone else has had similar experiences with pain and time off work do you have any advise? Are you still working and what do you do? I work as a store manager and am on suppose to be on my feet for 45 hours a week. There is no way I can do that right now. I don't know how I am suppose to support my family. I am 29 years old and have been working since I was 15 but I only have enough social security to make $1700 a month. That is less than half then what I make now. I don't know what to do and am so scared I will not get to go back to work.

I am desperate and will try just about anything to not be in this amount of pain and to be able to go back to work just for a few years. Just so I can get some medical bills under control and some money set into savings. Any advise on medication, diet, doctors, therapy or whatever you can give me I would really appreciate it. Thank you and I hope that you all start to feel better real soon!
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Visit roadback.org for lots of support and feedback from people like yourself.

Visit roadback.org for lots of support and feedback from people like yourself.

Sounds like you need a new doctor that has more experience. Different things work for different people and having a doctor that will keep trying new things til something works for you is most important. Juicing is so important as well and try to eat raw.

My doctor has put me on steroids and Imuran. The combination of the meds helo some. I take 100mg of Imuran a day and only 4mg of steroids. When I get the severe pain, the only thing that works for me is morphine er 15mg.. I don't like takung the morphine though..

I hope that maybe you can find some relief.. I hope some day I go in remission..

Im taking the prednisone as well the rheumatologist started me on 80ml and he gave me steroid shots in my arms by the end of the day I felt relief by the end if the week I was walking and doing a lot of moving around

Hi there. My doctor has me on Prednisone. A high dose is where they should start you up at. I was just recently diagnosed with DM about a month ago. I do still work but my work is office type and I am able to sit during most of my 10 hour shift thankfully. Its a graveyard shift, it was for days I would have to stand and move around for 8 hours. Hope you are able to find a decent area of work. I have also been taking calcium supplements along with vitamin D. The pain in my joints have subsided for now. I have to taper off the prednisone this week, not sure whats going to happen next once im off the prednisone. :/ I wish you luck.