Hey,i m Priya i HAD this prblem when i was 11 years.I did not pay much attention 2 wat i was doing & slowly this habit of eating skin increased & so this my parents noticed.They tried their best from stopping me from doing this &even though i tried 2 stop this but some how my fingers goes into my mouth.My mother pressurizes me a lot by slapping,rude behavior,etc.she even though stopped computer games and wathcing television.plz if anyone can give me suggestions 2 stop this:((
priya25 priya25
13-15, F
1 Response May 24, 2012

its a really hard habit to break :/ i would think of it more as an addiction in my case because i bite for every reason.. boredom, anxiety, stress.. so on! personally i can't stop either :/ but lotion helps a ton ... seems silly! but it helps a little bit!