I have known that this was an actual thing for a couple years now. My parents still don't believe that it's an actual form of OCD and they keep telling me to "just stop". I have tried so many times, and my fingers actually start to look normal, and then for no reason, no trigger, I start again and they get worse and worse each time.

My pointer finger on my left hand is so bad now the whole tip (on the underside) is completely scarred but still with little cuts and peeled away skin all over it. When I touch my phone screen I can barely feel it because it is just a huge scar.
The other day my friend saw my finger and she was very freaked out and I told her it was a burn and she believed me.
I've been using that excuse for a while now because some of my fingers literally look like I've held them over fire.

I'm trying really hard now, though, to try and stop this and let my fingers recover because next year I want to start a career in baking and I know that this condition will really impact my ability to get a job and enter the industry.
cyrn97 cyrn97
18-21, F
Aug 28, 2014