I Have A Desmoid Tumor

I am 25yrs old I was diagnosed with a intra abdominal desmoid tumor a year ago in march 2009. I had surgery three months after my diagnosis. the surgery i had was so intense that it took 13 hours it took. I was told by the doctors that they had taken the tumor out successfully and also had scraped all margins surrounding the tumor i was sent by the radiologist  to get an MRI one month after the surgery to make sure that their were no possible recurrence. Unfortunately 4 months ago i was told that the MRI showed that the tumor was re growing in the same area and extending down my inner thigh. I felt so devastated i thought I was going to be able to walk normal again and have no more pain but now the pain is still their and I can't  jog and walking is still difficult. I have seen an Oncologist and an orthopedic surgeon to see what other options i have and they have advise to get chemotherapy of (methotraxate and vinblastin) before surgery. i will start chemo this on Thursday i feel very scared and nervous. specially that i have a three year old who is so attached to me and i wont be able to carry. i will be getting a peak line i had asked them not to put one but the doctor said that it was necessary. i had also asked for a port line but the doctor said no because its only for people who will have a longer treatment. Now i just have to wait for the outcome after the chemotherapy.

February 25, 2010 today was my first day of chemo i was very happy that i did'nt get the picc line. the nurse said it was not necessary to get one so I'm here feeling OK a bit nauseous,tired and pain on my hand  were the IV was put for the chemo. I'm actually getting a very low dosage of chemo so it might not give me frequent side effects. i was also told that i will be on treatment once a week for 4 weeks and then i'll see the oncologist to discuss further test and treatment. i just hope that the rest of the chemo goes as easy as today. 

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Hi, How did the treatment go? I had my right abdominal wall removed 5 years ago and I am due for my 5 year MRI. I've been clear but have been experiencing pain deep in the right side that is sharp and shoots through a short distance. I'm wondering what your pain was like. I'm fearing a recurrence.
Thanks Angelica

M e as well , pain pain pain...., I can't jump., I can't run., I have depressions......I have a 31/2 year old daughter....I am going tu surgery on thursday., I am scared....very scared

So has the chemo helped? What is the status?

Hey. Your head must be spinning! Good luck with the chemo. I have a similar story and 2 kids aged 3 & 4 who I cant carry much. Not much conciliation but they do get used to it. Good luck.