I Have Developed An Addiction To Colouring In Books.

It's very therapeutic and I like feeling like a nerd.

This addiction has also led to an unhealthy obsession with colouring pencils, I keep buying them and I have organised them in to bundles tied with elastic bands according to colour, for example all the reds in one bundle, all the blues in another etc. etc.

Although I had a very scary moment with some new double ended pencils today, as each end is different I had no idea what bundle to put a blue and gold ended pencil in, the blues? The yellows?

In the end they had to go into their own bundle together, so that was that dilemma over.

Can't believe what a pointless story this is, oh well, I guess the whole point of it is to try and share the joy of colouring in.

trixabell trixabell
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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

As long as you keep an eye out to make sure you obsession doesn't go too far, or consume too much of your life, I say there's nothing wrong with spending *some* of your time coloring.