Me My **** And I

My story starts at age 14 when a hot MILF whispered in my ear at a party, "your **** R as big as mine honey, U should be wearing a bra"

a week or so later I wore a bra for the first time and loved it. It was a black lace underwire 36B and it fit me like I had been measured for it.

As I matured and kept wearing a bra , that made them grow even more , and so many things we eat have estrogens in them milk,

chicken ,eggs, soy , so that as we age (2% < yr after 25yo) of testosterone ,with less testosterone in our bodies, estrogens cause more

breast growth, also submissive behavior (being a sissy and sucking ****) causes our bodies to make less testosterone, also taking saw

palmetto and fennugreek decrease tesosterone , also with tissue redisribution (from wearing a bra) stimulation (from loving it) , and now I

fill up a 42C brassiere and look quite feminine in silhouette.
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HI Yes soy is good as is all dairy products (loaded with estrogens) and the OTC <br />
<br />
prostate inhibitors like sawpalmetto and fennugreek , both of which cause a further <br />
<br />
reduction of testosterone, which increases the effect of estrogens in your body help also<br />
<br />
For me having grown **** at age 14, age then less testosterone (decrease by 2%/yr after <br />
<br />
age 25) plus lotsof dairy , plus wearing a bra so much (redistribution of tissue) has <br />
<br />
allowed me to go to a 42C brsssiere now in my old age

So eating soy will help? what other foods should I not eat! As rice is good one day and bad the next! when it comes to estrogen and testosterone!

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />