I Have Lived A Life Free Of Doctor Visits Except My Annual Check-ups.

I am 31 years old and learned about my condition when I was 16 because they found a lump in my breast and had to do a chest x-ray. The news was you do not have cancer, but you have situs inverse and dextrocardia. I had all the question of what, how,and how will my life be effected. My mom was present and said “that’s right they did tell me about that when you were a baby”.
I had really bad chest pain and shortness of breath a few years back and was rushed to the ER, and BOY DID I FEEL LIKE A SPECIMEN. Every time I see a new doctor I always have to be the one to explain my condition as if I am the doctor. Just once I would like to visit a doctor and they know about my condition and can answer my question and me not leave the visit feeling like this was a waste of my time.
I continue to have chest pain, and I have this consist pain on my left side which two years ago I had surgery to remove a two tumors but I still have the pain. Also I have constant tingling in my legs and arms. Does anyone else experience symptoms like this 
I mostly am on this site to connect with people who have like experiences and know where to find specialize doctors in the area of Situs inverse and Dextrocardia.
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I think that the condition is just too rare to have any doctors specialize in it, but if you do find them I'd love to know about them too!!