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I found out when I was 14 years old that I am backwards inside. I was being diagnosed for ulcers and after the Xray, the technician took so long and took multiple pictures, I didn't understand what the confusion was about.

He came to me and told me my heart was on the opposite side. He said from now on, when I get x-rays done, tell the x-ray technician ahead of time that my heart is on the opposite side, so they won't think they made a mistake with their marker that indicates my right side.

At 14, I was a serious reader. So when I got home, I looked up in my medical dictionary what it is. (at 14 we had no computers). I didn't know about the rest of my organs until I attempted to join the Army. I was accepted in the Army due to a waiver because all my organs were reversed. I researched more and found that had just my heart been reversed (that I was not Totalis) I would have been a very sick individual.

I have lived a great life. I'm retired after 25 1/2 years in the Army. I have three boys, all by c-section. The only issue I have is sinus problems. I am told that there is a relation between the two, but I don't know why. Medical personnel are always fascinated when they meet someone like me. Sometimes I forget to tell them, sometimes I don't say anything at all on purpose, just to see if they can figure it out. Older EKG would have diagnosed me with a heart attack or heart murmur, most today will work properly if they switch the leads, and place them on in the opposite or mirror position. Some of the know-it-all's will ignore me and do it the regular way regardless, but then they follow my recommendation, to find that my heart has no murmur.
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Good afternoon everybody, I'm brand spanking new here and this is my very first post evvvver on a forum. MajorJefferson, I too have dextrocardia situs inversus totalis and sinus has been a bother for as long as I can remember. Have you ever heard of Dextrocardia-bronchiectasis-sinusitis? Here is a link, I've been told that that might be the problem by one of the doctors..... http://patient.info/doctor/kartageners-syndrome

I've been in the hospital about three times this year and its always been fun watching the reactions of the nurses either doing xrays or ultrasounds hahahahhaa, I also keep quiet on purpose just to have my moment of joy when I watch their faces. I had one tell me, just---just wait here-----okay lets do this again. So I did the xray again and I hear her telling her colleague all excited, "its my first one!" Meanwhile at the ultrasound, I could see they were having some difficulty and I knew why and ofcourse, I asked if there was a problem...the nurse was like no no, no problem, until they couldnt find the organs they were looking for hahahahaha, that's after asking me three times if I'd ever had surgery to remove my organs hahhahahaha, eventually I had to tell them, it was going on for like twenty minutes of them searching, and then? They start calling their colleagues to witness "their first ones" Hahahahahaha!

I hope you are all well!

I'm also dextrocardiac an I do the same thing to the quaks, I'm not totalis but yet touch wood I'm still feeling fine and currently inlisting in the royal New Zealand navy any way thank always nice to see your not the only one:)

sir my husband who is 44 was suffering from viral fever and was advised a chest xray and the technician discovered that he had the heart on the wrong side .i got a scare of my life and would be taking him for further tests. i just read ur article and thought of asking for advise i still dont know whether it is a total inversion as u mentioned. he has always had breathing problems and was declared asthamatic some yaers back . we have two kids both hale and hearty .does this run in the family ? i am very worried

MajorCJefferson, SFC Sostre (retired) I too have dextrocardia situs inversus. No problem during my 20 plus years in the Army. The one time I was getting a EKG exam done I told the tech what I had, he didn't pay any attention to what I told him and placed the leads the regular way. When he saw the abnormal reading he panicked, told me not to move and ran out. He came back with a doctor and I told the doctor my condition. I have had ultrasound done and have to explain to the tech as well.

glad too see someone else like too mess with the know it all techs im 66 and still workin everyday out work most youngins stay at it gal

I too have dextrocardia situs inversus, I have just been recentlay diganosed with an under active thyroid. I was curious if you have ever had any bowel troubles? I too have the constant sinus drainage.

I have bowl issues too. Sinus issues, chronic white matter on the brain, headaches and sometimes heavy chest.