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Okay, let me start out by saying I am 19 years old, and pregnant with my 2nd daughter whom is due January 12th 2012, which makes me 21.5 weeks pregnant. I went in for pictures of my daughters heart today in an ultrasound, My 10 minute ultrasound turned in to a hour and a half of pictures, pushing, and wondering why they couldn't see her other heart valve. I freaked out and had a 2 hour crying session. A specialist called me back and let me know my daughters heart seems to be on the wrong side. I dropped to my knees in fear for my child. My friend's son was recently born with the same defects including several others. I am going to make an appointment tomorrow to go do a special ultrasound to see what kind of dextrocardia my daughter has and get all the details about it but I can not keep the tears away from my eyes, I am stressed, and in a panic. I don't want to tell people about my babys condition until I know all of the details about it myself and would LOVE to hear stories about it, and get information about it. I have been doing as much research as possible for me but my mind is not completely all here right now and I am having a hard time finding anything. I am praying for a healthy & happy princess, and would love to receive prayers from all. Thank you for your time & for reading this post! - Cass
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I've also had situs inversus and dextracardia for 40 years and have never had an issue! It was my dentist who figured out when I was 7 that something was different after getting a faint heart beat. When he listened more to the right he got a stronger one. I never really think about it. Most people with this have no health problems at all. Hope you get some good information from your doctors.

hi ya ive had situs inversus for forty years, its never stopped me from doing anything including olympic trials in sport, i have 2 teenage kids. the only thing i would avoid is smoking ! theres nothing to fear.
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