I Have Dextrocardia..........

i was born with dextrocardia with a heart problem...........in first the doctors said that the problem will be cured itself after i get young but they were wrong my problem got more critical........when i was the age of 11 i found that i have dextrocardia and with a problem......what happen was when i was going to school i got hard pain in my heart it was so pain full that whenever i think of it it makes me cry. after that my parents took me to hospital the doctor said that the problem is in critical situation now that in thing could be done now the said that i have to get the operation of it when i was at the age around of 6 but its too late now me and my parents became sad...now i have to suffer from this disease till the end.....i cant work hard if i work hard my heart starts to hurt n goes to critical situation.......pain pain pain i am so sick of it........ i know that i am going to die very soon so i suggest my heart that i have to live my each and every second very happily an i am doing that ........i have learn the lesson that we should not be sad if we are going to die very soon we have to live our life happily as possible as we can....i am doing same like that and i suggest my friends that u have to do the same thing as i am doing now
sudanshahi sudanshahi
Sep 9, 2012