Two Year Old

My wife and I just found out our two year old boy has dextrocardia. Should we be freaking out? Our appointment is Tues with the cardiologist why aren't we already there
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3 Responses Jan 17, 2013

My 9 month old son was just diagnosed with dextrocardia 4 days ago (3/2/13), which was only seen after a visit to the ER where they did a chest x-ray. My son had never shown any symptoms such as turning blue, trouble with proper growth, excessive vomiting, or any cardiac issues. The cardiologist and his pediatrician both said that was a good sign, and after several tests the cardiologist was able to confirm that although his heart was positioned on the right side, the heart itself was normal. He let us know that our baby was going to be fine and that he would lead a perfectly normal life.

I was diagnosed with dextrocardia at age 39 when I had my appendix removed. I've never had any problems and my doctor told me not to worry about it. As long as I've gone this long without any problems, there probably never will be.

I'm no doctor but my son is also two and he has situs inversus... Although we found out through sonogram the day we found out the sex of the baby.... His it totalis so his is hear and abdominal organs and he is the happiest most special boy to us it just makes them so much more precious!!! It's strange though they're only finding this out now, is his heart switched too?