I Have Dextrocardia And Situs Inversus

I was diagnosis with this when i was 2 yrs old because i had pnemonia and they told my parents after seeing my x ray. My parents were told i wouldnt live thru pubrity or have any kids well needless to say im 52 yrs old and proud mother of 2 kids age 33 yrs old daughter and 23 yrs old son. I am having alot of complication with my breathing now with sinus and asthma but still going strong i have never met anyone like myself.
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Me too i do have situs invertus I'm only 21 years old..
Im having a hard breathing..and my back is so painful..Why is it happen?sometimes My heart beats so slow,and it so hard cause my heart is aching..huhuhuh

I am a 54 year old female that was diagnosed with Dextrocardia at birth, but today I was diagnosed with situs inversus after a liver scan. My parents were told I would not live past 3 years, then later not to have children, I now have a 22 year old healthy son. I was very healthy up until 50-51 years of age when I started to slow down. Almost 2 years ago I had complex heart surgery and although not as healthy and I used to be I hope to have a few more years with my family.

I thought my heart could be on the wrong side at age 15, but went undetected, later on in life after our 2 girls were born had seen a doctor and asked if this could be possible,had it checked out and sure enough dextrocadia & situs inversus. I am 56 years old,male and this condition has never bothered me. My twin sister is only situs inversus, also had a child and doing well with more energy than many others.

I can relate to this, besides the fact I am a Male and I know I have Dextrocardia with Situs Inversus, Kartagener's Syndrome, Asthma and I developed gum diseases quickly in my young ages. I was told by my parents not to long ago the doctors informed them I wouldn't live past certain ages up to the point I was in my teens they then told them I could outlive someone without all these problems I have. Also I was told I wouldn't have children however I have yet to put that to the test but I will certainly update you if it happens in the near future. Haven't found the right one yet :)

I also have had 8+ sinus surgeries which have been rough but fun actually. It brings my family close which makes it special.