Why Do I Not Care....

I found out roughly a year ago that I have diabetes, totally my own fault from not eating properly and looking after myself.
I started out being 'good' and watching what I was eating and trying to exercise more, and thought 'hey this could be a good thing to get myself take my health more seriously'  but over time I have started eating some bad stuff again, and yes even sugary stuff which of course is bad for me. 
I find that I am so tired all the time and can sleep for long hours and then still feel like sleeping in the afternoon.  Obviously a reaction from not eating regularly and not eating the right things.
I certainly don't want to be looking back in years to come and realise this was the time I could have stopped it from progressing to something serious and I know that is a reality.
I also suffer from depression and that in itself is making it harder to stick to everything I know I should be doing....  i just feel so 'blah' all the time.
Thanks for reading  :)
musicandelephants musicandelephants
36-40, F
Aug 7, 2010