The Journey

At the age of I was told I would be found drinking from toilets..pretty ingenius for that age. When you are consider I always had this huge thing for water. At age 4... I was diagnosed with DI by a country dr. In Miamisburg, Ohio then referred my parents to take me to Boston Childrens Hospital. Admitted & so the journey began. I was one of the first first children ever diagnosed with DI.
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The only effective treatment for Di was in the late 1970's, so you are lucky to be alive, and might be the record setter for DI age. However, there have been diagnoses since ancient Greece if I remember, I read a book called History of Diabetes, and there was an insipidus section. It went back and forth though, often misdiagnosed as diabetes mellitus, and forgetten for centuries at a time.

How do you know you were one of the first?