Had Di Since I Was Five (27yr Old Male)

Hello everyone...  I got diabetes from falling out a 2 story window when I was 5yrs old. I started taking DDAVP nasal spray when I was a child and by the time I was in college I started taking desmopressin acetate pills (2 pills 3x a day) I believe it is the highest adult dose (medicine is very expensive without insurance!!). Anyway.... my mom would find me in the night hanging under the faucet in the bathroom and then drinking gallons and liters of literally ANYTHING and everything in the fridge. Your mouth is so dry that you can't taste what your drinking until you've had like 10 to 15 gulps.I would be peeing all night long. You pee....you lay down just enough to get comfortable...you have to pee...For me this starts at different time of the night depending on how many drinks I've had and what time I took my meds... THIS IS VERY ANNOYING IN THE MORNING...but I never needed a alarm clock because my body would wake me up. It can also be annoying if you are trying to have sex (and you have to pee). Also, I know I shouldn't drink beer with my medication but I have been doing it for a while now...it is all in moderation. Anyway...I feel good to share this with everyone cause I have never met or talked to anyone who had DI....its good to know I'm not alone....Hang in there everybody...it could be worse!

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1 Response May 16, 2012

DI medication can get very expensive. The higest I have ever payed for mine was $700 for a month's supply. And yes, waking up 12 times a night to pee is frustrating. I would sometimes find myself drinking liters of water-juice at a time, it got to the point where the taste of water became repulsive. But as long as one takes thier medication life can go on as nornal.