Path of the Brittle Type 1: Meal Timing and Life

When I was first diagnosed, the volatile insulin combination I was forced to use had some problems. First, it laid out my intake for the entire day based on peaks of the insulin. I remember once looking at a chart with 5 different types of insulin's activity maps across a day to better understand what the doctors were telling me when I was 10.

For what seemed the longest time, I was at risk of going into a seizure overnight, simply because of the two insulin types, and how fast my metabolism was to begin with. I occasionally had to duck out of events that crossed over lunch time simply to eat, and was often defending my actions to teachers and the like. Breakfast was no different. My family traveled quite a bit, and we would sometimes be involved as extras in film and TV. Disturbing the time I took my insulin combined with the slow set up of the food tables once created an issue on-site in Toronto. Meal timing had to be the life I managed but tried to keep invisible to others.

When I was 19, I was really tired of living this way. After I had switched specialists, and he proposed a type that only acts over the course of meals, freeing me from all I'd known before, suddenly the prospect of having to inject more frequently was much less important than being able to do so and eat when I wanted, when life demanded. I loved it, and haven't switched off yet.
FluidMind FluidMind
31-35, M
Dec 24, 2007