My Only Symptom With My Diabettes, Is Itching

 As recently as a couple of weeks before Christmas, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, after two blood tests.  I have been put on pills, and for the first week I had to take one pill a day and now after completing the first week, I am taking two pills a day.


I have no other symptom apart from body itching.  I have been itching for over a month now and that is why I called the doctor just before Christmas, and I was asked to take the blood tests.


The itching is now much worse; I don’t think that there is a single part of my body that does not itch day and night; it is a nightmare.  My skin is very rough and my body is in a terrible state.


I cannot help wondering if the itching has anything to do with Diabetes or something else.  My doctor says that Diabetes can cause itching.  But strangely enough, after two blood tests, they found nothing else but the Diabetes.


Has anyone experienced itching with Diabetes?  I am at a loss to know what to do.


Thank you


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Yes, me, too. I've had Type I for almost 30yrs, and what's strange is that the itching seems to happen right before I fall asleep, waking me up, of course. I've lost so much sleep as a result, and I know this is all nerve-related. Unfortunately, doctors have not yet been successful in treating it proper;so, I'm still at a loss.

Try taking your research first and make sure its a good one ( I got mine at the Vitamin Shoppe and it has to be refrigerated)

Yes! I have the symoms onal itching and trying to find a solution. It come and goes. Been to the doctors with very or no help as though no one really cares. Lotion and creams do not help because it's internal. One of the Staff members at my dialysis center says that it is nerve pain that is not severe enough to cause pain like nerouthpy. so you feel itching?

I was diagnosed with type 2diabetes I am constantly
itching and it is annoying

I do not have diabetes. I do have Hashimotos and if I eat many carbohydrates, I get Sjogren's symptoms, and I do have dermatitis herpetiformis (skin rash on arms if I eat gluten) BUT! I only have to eat a little sugar--a piece of fudge or small gluten free brownie and I start itching from head to toe within 10 minutes or so. I was hoping to find the reason for this. Have you tried cutting out all sugar and grains from your diet? This is the only way I can keep from itching.

I have heard that so much problems with the body has to do with to much acid in the body.try juicing many green leafy vegetables. Also watch a film called fat sick and nearly dead its a aussie was very interesting

I'm not diabetic, as far as I know, I'm 34, and I've been itching from head to toe for a month straight. I'm completely miserable. Any where even the slightest bit of pressure has come in contact with my skin begins to itch severely. My eyes, head, all the way down to my toes. I've been taking antihistamines, hasn't really helped a whole lot. If I scratch the itch, my skin gets red and puffs up. Sometimes it looks like a mosquito bite. Sometimes not. Could this be shingles? Hives? I don't know what is going on but I'm at my wits end. I hurt all over. And I m tired of being sleepy from the antihistamines. HELP!

I too have itching I was diagnosed with type 2 . 4 months ago and am on metormin SR twice a day. The itching is all over and even in my hair I cant sleep for it. Can anyone suggest a cure. Sue

Heating the itching part of your body with a charcoal in flames is the best way to do away with your itchiness. I have used this when I experienced extreme itching on my thighs, testicles and stomach. This helped me a lot because the itchiness was eradicated fully. It only comes back when I eat sugary foods and heating it proves useful.

I have extreme itching like insane relief when I scratch but comes back within seconds of stopping scratching! it was a joke at first with my friends , here we go again but now after months its makin me miserable!!! I was thinking maybe a sign of diabetes because ive always got a raging thirst feel the need to urinate 24/7 and also feel giddy and light bheaded to the point where I feel like im goin to pass out just all of a sudden

Yes, I have Diabetes and I have itching in several places. I also have dry skin. My first husband had type 2 Diabetes which eventually progressed to insulin dependency and he itched all over all the time.

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the itching is enough to drive you insane ,unbearable itching on feet hands and belly .zyrtec worked but I didn't want to be on drugs every day , my research found a cure in lipoic acid @ 2 x 400 a day and / or Omega three in 5 x 2000mg a day these two basic suppliments worked a dream

Hi, I have diabetes for a long time, but only had diagnosis about year and half. my kidneys have done tried to shut down, congestive heart failure, and neuropathy which is really really painful. So please check your sugar and do it often, keep a long of what you eat and watch what triggers. don't let it get out of hand, then you put your life on the nerve damage is permanent and was caused by high blood sugar for a long period of time, doctor thinks about ten years with the damage.

I get itchy when I eat too many grains or too much sugar, too. Try cutting all grains out of your diet. You may have a yeast issue. Cut back on sugars, too including yogurts. Pay attention to what may trigger your itching and eliminate it from your diet. Your body is signaling you about what it doesn't like.

I do not have diabetes, but I cut out sugars and grains from my diet to lose weight (down about 30#, so it worked great) and now if I eat much sugar at all, I get head-to-toe itching. A piece of fudge or a cup of Brown Cow yogurt and I start itching. It goes away if I don't eat any more sugar. I would sure like to know what's up with that! No Halloween candy for me ever again.

<p>I have a question for all the posters with diagnosed diabetes . . . how often do you test your blood sugar?</P><br />
<p>I have had Type I diabetes for 31 years, and have no complications yet. I take very good care of myself, and that makes all the difference in the world. I do experience itching at times, but have noticed that it occurs almost always when my blood sugar is elevated. In fact, it has become my first symptom that I'm having a high. As soon as I start feeling the overwhelming itchiness I get out my trusty glucose meter and test. As soon as the high is treated and my blood sugar returns to normal the itching disappears. Of course, for Type II's it's not so easy to treat a high, that's why it's imperative that a strict healthy diet and exercise program are followed.</P><br />
<p>For those who suspect you might have diabetes . . . please don't wait to get tested. Diabetes is very manageable, but it is a chronic disease. This means that you have to live with it the rest of your life. It takes alot of effort, and diligence to stay healthy with diabetes. If I had to say that I like anything about diabetes, I'd have to say the one positive thing about it is that most of the time you have complete control over how you feel physically. </P><br />
<p>Most people with diabetes will tell you differently, but it has been my experience that living successfully with diabetes is about making wise choices. Sure, it's not easy to pass up that piece of birthday cake, or that second helping of biscuits and gravy, but you still have the power to do so. It's all about your choices. </P><br />
<p>Make poor choices and you suffer a plethera of negative physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Make the wise ones and everything else falls into place.</P><br />
<p>Choosing to live,<br />

Yes, I test mine at least 3-6 times a day. Mine cannot be controlled. Some people have it easier than others.

Hi. I have Diabetes Type II and like you the only symptom I get is itching if I have any food containing sugar. I am learning to read every label to see what the sugar content is. If for example I put tomato sauce or Mayonnaise from a bottle on to my food it takes about an hour for my body to register it. Then my feet start to itch madly. And often my hands and sometimes my stomach area. I can eat fruit sugar without itching. Thank you so much for posting this. You may have helped me to discover more about this condition. GM

Thank God for His wonderful creation: 20-30 syrawberries daily; bitter gourd juice about 50-100ml twice and half hour before meal; 1-2 red chillies daily ; 1 raw garlic <br />
Most importantly, believe and let Jesus the Great Physician take care of you.

Thank God the Maker of heaven & earth for these ; 20-30 strawberries daily; half hour before meals twice daily about 50ml of bitter gourd juice; red chilli helps too<br />
most importantly believe in Jesus and let Him who is the Great Physician take care of you.

i started to itch around 4 weels ago feet,ankles, arms ,hips, back ,belly and my chest it so itchy that i make my self bleed after looking it up i think i better get my *** down the docs or chemist to do a test i think , i thought it might be something that i changed or due to stress but it only happens after 5pm everynight it so weird feels like my clothes have little prickly things in them but the have'nt i have srubbed and scubbed thinging it was something else but it was still there an hour later nana died of diabeties 14years ago yesterday .... thanks guys for this ,

Amazing!!! I never knew that itching and diabetis go hand in hand. I brought it to my daughters attention that the bottom of my feet always itch, but it is internal tissue only way I could descibe it would be like small little warms constantley swirlling. She brought it to my attention that it could be diabetis. Thought I would do some searching and came across these postings. I am unemployeed and no longer have Health Ins, would anyone be able to give me any sugestions on a home cure. This has been driving me crazy for about 6 months. Any advise would be appreciated.

I get that way at times. I feel like I am imaging it so nice to know that I am not the only one. I did have tests done in Feb of this year and none of my organs showed signs of failure.

lilreg1 -

I have had Type I diabetes for 31 years, but I'm not a doctor. That being said, I have a wealth of knowledge to share concerning diabetes. I take very good care of myself, and as a result have no complications. Please take my next words seriously.

You should visit a doctor. You may have undiagnosed Type II diabetes. Your symptoms sound like peripheral neuropathy. Oftentimes people with Type II diabetes develop complications of the disease long before they ever discover they actually have diabetes. I know you don't have insurance, but you should seek help from a local free clinic, or the Department of Family and Children's Services. Diabetes is a disease that should not be ignored, especially if you have neuropathy. If neuropathy is treated early enough the symptoms can be manageable, but if you wait too long, you may develop irreparable damage to the nerve cells in your feet, and have to suffer debilitating pain for the rest of your life.

Please see a doctor for testing. Your life depends on it.

Boiling birch bark for 10 mins an drink as a tea will regulate sugar levels...if you take pills once a day have one cup of tea...two pills a day. Two teas.. this is a old traditional medecine that works :)

Word of advice get your kidneys checked, Diabetis affects kidneys and the first sign of kidneys not functioning correctly is ITCHING so please a visit to your doctor and demand the check.

I have had this itching problem for a few years, and my Dr. finally told me that it was from the Diabetes....he did say that there was really nothing that could be done, thanks a lot, but he did recommend that I use "Aveeno" Oatmeal Lotion, everyday right after you get out of the shower...My itching mainly is around my neck and with the lotion it did help. Also was told if it was all over my body then to grind up uncooked oatmeal and add it to your bath and soak, seems that the oatmeal will help keep the moisture in your skin....and I was told to take cold or cool showers rather than hot. Hope that this helps anyone with this is annoying to say the least.

I too have jave type 2 diabetes and have experienced itching all over for some time now. It does not feel like an allergic reaction or bites. I am wondering if it is my neuropathy? It seems more nerve related so I don't think antihistamines would help, do you?

I tried antihistamies daily for the last several months due to early summer in Wisconsin but it still happened. This last time it started about 7 days ago. All of sudden my sugars dropped to low levels to where I can not function very well. If anyone can help please let me know.

I have been having this itching problem for a good year now and have had no clue why. Now I'm wondering if I might be diabetic. It started in the palms of my hands (first a numbing sensation and then it got super itchy), but now I'm itchy from head to toe and it just never stops. It drives me crazy. I never dreamed that itching was a symptom of diabetes. I just never heard of that. I, too, have no rash or anything. Just plain itching.

I have been itching for 2 years now and it started with the soles of my feet and the plams of my hands. I have type 2 diabetes and take 2 pills twice daily. The itchiness has spread to my entire body and it's driving me crazy. There is no visible rash or irratation. Some days are worst then others but I experience daily itching!<br />
I'm at my witts end. I have been prescribed creams and antihistamines but nothing seems to help. I| am now waiting on a ct scan of my liver....PLEASE HELP!!

try Zantac for your itching it helps me alot, its not just for reducing acid.

i do not have diabetes as of yet, although it runs in my family. I do however have very bad allergies to air pollution that gives me itching episodes all over my body. I take Zyrtec D on a daily basis but when I get these itch attacks the only thing that helps me is taking an allergy pill along with Zantac. I told a friend of mine about my itching & she told me (she is a pharmacist) Zantac also works for itching not just as an acid reducer. Maybe it will help you too.

My sugar is in the "warning" stages, but I too have experienced the itchiness many of you have described. One thing that has helped me is Allegra, which is now available over the counter AND in its generic form (fexophenidine). Ive tried similar (claritin, etc...) but only the Fexophenidine works....perhaps it may work for many of you as well. Good luck!

Could it be a sign of neuropathy?

I an type 2 diabetes and recently started itching after 5 years.ive taken evert test my doctor could offer.Someone mentioned with diabetes one has dry skin so I started applying lotion even when I"m not itching and have expirienced remarkable resdults.Hope this helps you.

I am so glad to know that I am not the only person with diabetes and intense itching..... I itch all over but the worst for me is my scalp....I plan to talk to my doctor about this on my next visit but my BSL is not controlled and so this may give me relief since my flare-ups last for about a week or two. Maybe this will be my incentive to be compliant. <br />
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i am diabetic but sugar levels are highly under contrl i get itching on the backside of thighs and when it is severe it spreads to thigh joints.i have taken flucortin tabs once aweek with citrizen i get relief for sometime again it i feel diabetes has arole to play.can anyone help?<br />
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I forgot to mention that I check my blood sugar levels every night before I sleep and make sure that I'm never over 150. So high blood sugar levels doesn't seem to be causing the itches for me. Although I do sometimes get itchy when my bsl's are high too.

I have had type 1 diabetes for over 10 years now. About 3 months ago I started having body itches. The wierd thing is that it only happens when I'm lying down in bed. Almost every night I get these itches and it is very irritating and preventing me from getting a good night of sleep. I'm glad to hear that it is probably the diabetes and not something else. I wish I could tell you a cure, but I too wish I could find something to stop these occurances.

Im glad i took a look at this because im itching all over i thought i was going crazy. I notice when ever my sugar is high it starts. I wish i knew what causes it hopefully the doctor can figure it out and i will get some anti itch cream.

itching is an unfortunate side of being a diabetic. There is no one solution that works for every one. My dad suffered with back itching for years due to his diabeties. At its worst mom would hold ice packs on his back this would help but was only temporary. His doctor prescribed a steroid cream which helped. I wish you luck and no itching.

Suitable RELIEF from intense ITCHING -<br />
<br />
I too, sometimes suffer from intense itching (for whatever reason). I have found scratching with a certain type of hairbrush to give some significant relief; without causing raw skin which sometimes has to scab over to heal. The best type of brush I have found is the type that has metal or stiff plastic bristles (which have coated bristle-tips), sticking out of a convex piece of rubber in the head of the brush. These are similar to pet brushes, but as I mentioned the coated bristle-tips prevent serious damage to skin la<x>yers themselves. The brushes which seem to have a lot of "play" or maximum maneuverability from the head of the brush itself seem to work best. It feels So-o-o Good ! I hope this helps someone. Be Well.

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I have type one, and whenever my blood sugar's too high, the bottoms of my feet itch. So maybe it's just that you needmore pills? Because mine means that you need more insulin? I don't know, just a thought. :)

Hi, I just saw this group today but wanted to reply to you. For a long time before I found out I was a diabetic I itched and scratched until my skin bled. Even now when my blood sugar level is off I start to itch. It took a while but the itching did go away.. Also my feet were very sore and cracked and bleeding. There are so many different sides to being a diabetic. Always be on your toes and you will learn quickly to recognize any changes that are related to your diabetes.

I'm a little late in this conversation, since oyu posted several moths ago, but I can tell you that I, too, itch all over. It only started about 3 weeks ago & my sugar is pretty well controlled. I was diagnosed about a year ago. My A1C then was 11.3, now it is 5.8. The doc didn't seem too concerned about my itching, but I can tell you it is driving me insane!!! So, I hope after several months you are doing better now...

I have the answer! You are allergic to Diabetes! (sorry, i had to say it)

I don't think I am allergic to the pills, because I started irching over a months ago and I have starrted taking the pills.<br />
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Thanks<br />
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maybe you're allergic to the pills? Unlikely, but i can't think of anything else.. that's weird.