Type 1

I was diagnosed with type one diabetes almost six years ago. type one is not caused by poor eating and exercise habits, in fact, the cause is unknown. It is difficult to say i have diabetes with the new epidemic of type two. people assume that i am unhealthy, and are generally confused. in a way however, i like knowing so much, and being able to take my shots and check my blood sugar, because so many people are amazed that i "can do that to myself." i like to explain to people all about the disease, and check their blood sugars if they want. more later.
Tyler Tyler
3 Responses Nov 14, 2006

yea man! i like doing all them things too, but it sucks having it!!

I have had type1 diabetes for 37 years, and it is a autoimmune disease. I was told when I first got it that a virus entered my pancreas, and destroyed all the cells. Or, it could be passed down from a relative. I ate alot of sugary foods before I got it, but then, when my blood sugar goes up, I crave sugary or starchy foods. I find that as the years go by, it does damage- no matter how good you take care of it. And it changes as time goes by, the way you feel about gong into insulin shock, ect. You do not get this disease from eatin too many sweets. You just GET it. I don't know How I got it, but I have to take care of myself the best I can- thats all I can do!

I understand that dilemma. I'm 22, and a 15 year Diabetic. I too have Type 1, but I am sure I always say "I have Type 1 Diabetes" because then they ask what I meant by "type 1" and I can explain the difference. I live in a community where approximately 50% of the population have diabetes, although many don't know it yet. They do news reports about how to control your diabetes... I ended up writing to the news stations complaing that they labeled all Diabetics as these unhealthy, overweight individuals, when there were many of us who aren't-- they Now call its the "Type 2 Report for Diabetes".... keep you're head up.... all of Type-1ers are in it together.