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Hey, I have type 1 diabetes and have had it since I was 4 years old (Im now 17). A little while back I started a blog intended to help new diabetics ease themselves into life as a diabetic a little easier. I titled it "A Perfect, Imperfect Diabetics Guidebook To Diabetes", please could (if anyone is reading this) Follow this link- to that blog and follow it? It isnt really sad stories or me getting angry about having diabetes or anything, its optimistic, designed purely to let people who dont have diabetes have some insight into what having it is like, and for those who do to identify with it and for the newer diabetics (hopefully) to help them.


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1 Response Oct 1, 2011

I have diabetes type 2. I admit to being very lazy about going to websites to read where I'm not already involved and writing myself. I'm just not much in love with the internet, in spite of the fact that I write books and blogs on it. but I sincerely hope that type 1 diabetics, who are usually very young, will take advantage of your blog.

Thankyou :) x