Awesome Book - 1001 Tips For Living Well With Diabetes

I found a book at my local library "1001 Tips for Living Well with Diabetes" from the American Diabetes Association, C. 2004, that has answered many questions that I had about the disease but did not know who to turn to for answers when I was first diagnosed. The book inspired, motivated and educated me so much that I hopped on and bought a copy for my keeper book collection. The manuscript is written in a question and answer format that is very easy to follow. I would like to recommend the book to each of you and especially to those who are active on online diabetic support websites to help answer other user's questions and concerns.

The topics covered include weight loss, nutrition and meal planning, blood sugar control, medications, exercise, foot care, and so much more. "1001 Tips for Living Well with Diabetes" has 1184 pages so it's impossible to read and study all of the information presented.

Whatever questions you may have or encounter, this publication should have the answers for you. Get to the library and CHECK IT OUT (pardon the pun).
51-55, M
Jan 15, 2012