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Pre Diabetes

I have PRE Diabetes, which means my blood sugar reading is higher than average, but not high enough to be considered diabetic"yet".

Soooooo...big...HUGE Lifestyle change. Mostly dietary.And more Excercise.

I have been reading about healthy foods on the Internet and one surprised*and Delighted* me. BUTTER is good for us........margarine is no good , because it is fake butter...butter is actually WAY better. The body digests and breaks down butter much easier than margarine...and butter is considered a good fat.It is still a fat, so the body doesnt need an over abundance. But by all means creamy, yummy butter is not Bad.

Also Chocolate is considered a is rich in Antioxidants/Micronutrients....there is one has to be 75%-85% cocoa.

As a Diabetic Low GI foods are best , they release any sugar into the body slowwllyyy, giving a long energy boost.Watermelon is High GI......Grapes are grapes are the better option for Diabetics.

Also Protein foods are ok...stuff like Meat, Fish and Chicken.....Protein foods help burn fat....but remember portion control is important.

Nuts are good...they contain Good Oils...and Walnuts/Almonds are particularly good as they contain Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Small handful daily of nuts is healthy.

Also Corn is a good low GI food......I have a small amount of butter*not margarine* and salt....totally yummy!!

So being Pre-Diabetic sux as Ive been forced to change my habits drastically.....but Im finding out healthy food is not so bad. It IS more expensive...for example...really good dense bread costs $5 a loaf...instead of $1 for a white loaf...but really the expensive stuff tastes way better and if you can make a loaf last 2-3 days then it only cost $2.50 , or less, a day...not SOO bad.

Im actually feeling a lot better being on my new eating plan...and havent indulged in any junk food for 6 days....But I KNOW I have a long way to go.
meteorite meteorite 36-40, F 3 Responses Feb 8, 2012

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i added two table spoons apple vinegar to a glass of water before i eat it made a big difference in my test numbers

Thanks TiredNsad.............well it hasnt been easy especially when I get them sweet cravings!......just cant indulge anymore in the sweet food I like..............

oh hot sex #1 on the list lol....carbs...yeah...have to check labels everything seems loaded with carbs.