Is There Something Similar To Facebook Specifically For Diabetics

i have been diabetic since isn't hereditary and i've never been overweight.and i'll nip the myth that it comes from sweets because i only got those every 3 months or so. i want a world where i can talk to people who understand without running into the diabetic police who think every diabetic is the same.i've been on syringes,the pump and now the flex pen. although i check my levels,diet and exercise religiously my a1c has been 11 for 6 months with many hospital stays because of DKA OR DIABETIC KETONE ACIDOSIS. i'm sick of being told to stop eating sweets because i'm not eating them i do have a high stress level and the older i get the worse it gets i've been on google and facebook looking for other type 1 diabetics but every one else is type two. i'm at the point wher i wanna say screw it i don't want to do this everyday anymore. so i'm reaching out hoping someone may have a story,advice or words of wisdom.
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Hi Queenteej,<br />
I have had Type 1 diabetes for 30 years this year. You really are having a tough time, especially in the last 6 months. It is a never ending condition that we have to deal with and sometimes it gets the better of us. If your A1c is 11 I would think you are not having enough insulin. Your body obviously needs more. Stress definitely does make your levels higher - just how stressed are you? The other thought is - do you have an infectin that won't go away. That can also push your levels up a lot. Hang in there - I know it is frustrating but if you get it right somehow, you will feel so much better. I'm sure you are not feeling very well with all those high blood glucose levels.<br />
best wishes<br />
The Rose