I Have The E-book "the 30 Day Cure For Diabetes" To Share, Anyone Interested?

I followed the advice in the book, and changed my diet
and lost 12 Kgs.
I have the e-Book "The 30 day cure for diabetes" to share, anyone interested?
donorina donorina
61-65, M
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hi I would like the book please... can you email it to me.? my 7 years old has diabetes 1

i cannot post my comment. i would also love to have a copy.

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Hi, please also share with me, diagnosed in June last year, Type 2. Really need support

I highly appreciate if you share me the book as I have type 2 diabetes

Hi Donorina! I would like to have an e-copy copy
I will be grateful to you

hi i saw your post online if u can please share with me that book

hi i saw your post online if u can please share with me that book

Hello Donna , I have type 2 diabetes and would really appreciate a copy of the book. I thank you so very much. If only there were more people like you..:)

I would like to read it

I would like a copy please please email to pwood0614@gmail.com

Yes, I am interested and any other ebook you can offer, please email to p e t e r y i u @ h k c d.c o m.hk many thanks

Yes, I'd llike a copy...thank you

Please send me a copy...!!

Is this the Book written by Doctor Stefan Ripich? If so, I would like to download a copy.

please send if still available. thx

Please send the e-book. Thanks for sharing.

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YES, please send me the e-book.

Please send me copy of 30 day diabetes cure.

Many Thanks

pls send me the book pls.

I have the book and have been reading it for a while now. I read a bit and try to apply what it says. I don't know if I will ever get this under control.

Pulse send me the ebook as I need it. I am in ZAMBIA

Yes,please! Send the 30 days diabetes cure e-book to me as well on my mail as follows:<br />
sirakov@icloud.com<br />
Thank you in advance!<br />
Be well

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Hi donorina ,,please and a copy to me .We(Me and my spouse) also trying to get rid of type 2 diabetes.since10years ...please send it to my email .thanks

Please send. Very Interested.

Yes, please send me the book I am very interested. Have had type 2 for 5 years now and refuse to take meds. Maybe the book can help me. It will be highly appreciated, Thank You!

Hi donorina ,,please and a copy to me .im also trying to get rid of type 2 diabetes ...please send it to my email .thanks

Hi Donorina, please sent a copy to me, I'm trying everything to get rid of this type 2 killer. I don't need to lost weight but reverse the disease.... does it work really? can you reverse the disease by following the book instruction?

please send the eBook to me on my email.

could you please send the ebook? tq

Hi Donorina,

I'm from Malaysia. I have hard time finding this book in Malaysia. Could you please share a copy with me?


please, please send it to me!!!! desperate for help

<p>Please send me.. I needed badly. Unable to control my type2 diabetes

I just got diagnosed 12.2 a1c pls send

I don't know about 30 days, but type 2 diabetes can absolutely be reversed with diet and exercise. Perhaps the indispensable ingredient is self regulation. Self regulation can be cultvated through mindfulness. There are many resources on the web about this. Even the ADA website extolls the power of LIFESTYLE INTERVENTION PROGRAMS.

Perhaps you'd be interested in our free webinar


Hi Donorina! Yes please, I would love a copy. I'm prediabetic at the moment and dread the next stage! John.

Yes donorina, I would LOVE a copy of the e-book as well. Many thanks!

I would love a chance to read it! You rock

please send me a copy....thanks!

Please send me the book. Thx

Would like your eBook on Amaroli. I have begun the therapy and am very interested please add me as a friend. Alos advise on how to download the eBook you mention Mike

I would love this eBook although im not diabetic YET, my family has a history of the disease and i want to try to manage my eating habits and be prepared just incase... my email is: ToxicBrownies@Email.com<br />
<br />
Thanks in advance!

Hello ToxicBrownies, I just send you the book The 30 day diabetic cure... I also have other books about Alternative Medicine, that I can send to you if you are interested.
Regards, (from London, UK)