Done Being Diabetic

I have type one diabetes. Ive had it since i was 8 and im now 18 years old. Among many other health concerns, diabetes has been the one struggle that isnt getting better. My A1C's have NEVER been lower then 13. And its come to the point where it seems like NOTHING works and i feel like giving up. I barely check my blood sugar anymore and i dont even really measure how much insulin im giving myself. I feel horrible because i know im only hurting myself, but i just dont know what to do anymore. I wish i could just go back to the way it used to be.
Im open to any help, suggestions, encouragement that anyone has to offer. Ive heard enough of the bad news, i would really just like some good news for a change.
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Oh my dear We All Go Through That! I spent 3 months earlier this year pulling that junk. ~Till my husband caught me.~ My heart goes out to you. My husband now makes me record everything to show I am staying on top of it. <br />
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Now as a medical professional, and a mom.... Young lady do you have any idea the damage you are doing to your body?! People don't die from Diabetes they die from organs failing due to it. They go blind they loose feet, legs, etc. How about the pain of tingling, burning and needles sticking in your feet and hands...don't have it yet? I do. <br />
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Its not reversible dear, it comes from letting your blood sugars get out of whack too often. Scare you yet? humm didn't think so.Anywho ~ Ask your doc about getting a pump put in, so you can have better control. That way you also will not have to inject or measure.<br />
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See if the have the BS tester that can be implanted available on the market yet. (I work in research lost track of how that went in testing) Find a friend who is willing to go for a walk with you or a bike ride for a 1/2 hour after supper each night.<br />
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Give yourself a "diet holiday" once a month. Don't look at me like I am bugnuts. Even we diabetics need a treat now and then. You don't have to go crazy but it will help you not feel so deprived, and give you something to look forward to. <br />
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Forgive yourself for being human. Being type 1 is hard. We live with more rules than you'll find in the book "Robert's Rules of Order"! Hang in there my dear ~Hugs