Diabetic For 17 Years Now

I was diagnised at age 10. i am now 27 years old it. i am type one i can take my own glucose tests and do my own isulin shots. although i still can't get my A1C down as i am under stress most of the time. i am also a little depressed at times. I hope i can relieve my stress and depression by writting poetry

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2 Responses Apr 25, 2007

Poetry as a stress reducing outlet sounds wonderful....do you ever write in a journal> or talk to friends who understand? Hope you can reduce your stress and depression...I can relate to both...but we'll make it.

Stress makes it hard. My control got much worse when my job got way more stressful and a couple of my best friends moved away. I hope you can get your A1Cs down and I hope I can get mine down too.