Struggling With Diabetes Any Advice Would Help

Earlier this yr I went to the doctors to try and help me have a baby it was then discovered that I have type 2 diabetes with my sugar level being a 586 of course I had no idea what that meant but I knew it couldnt be good when the lady that checked my level walked off with a concerned look. I was then told with my levels where they were at i should have been in the hospital but instead they sent me to another doctor.

At this time my husband was out of town for work so i was alone and let me just say that i was terrified of giving myself the insulin shot. I had to take insulin, metformin and a lot of other antibiotics it just seemed like everything was pilling up at once.

At first i was doing really well then i started noticing my vision changing so i went to get glasses so i could see and then a few days later need to get the prescription changed the doctor was not happy with me at all telling me "i told u it would be changing all the time until u have it under control" (he tells me this in a very rude way) to which i respond yes but if i cant see what good does it do me. Anyways since then i have stopped using my glasses still have trouble from time to time but nothing to bad.

For a while we were struggling with money so i didnt buy anymore insulin or check my blood sugar for over a month went into a state of denial i wanted to forget that i have diabetes although the necklace around my neck reminds me. My husband doesnt know what i go through and he trys to be supportive but when it comes to eating healthy there isnt much he does to help so we constantly eat things that arent good for me or us.

How could i start off so good then end in this rut?? everyone here all they tell me is i cant have this and cant have that i know i can have some sweets as long as it is a small portion. Then when it comes to when i have to give myself the shot everyone freaks out about it and all i can think is o yea ur not the one that has to take this u think i like?!?!?!?!?!

Please someone help me get through this.
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Thanks everyone for ur advice and i will take a look into that book

The first thing you do need to do is to start eating healthy. My wife doesn't eat very healthy, but I don't let her habits affect my ability to control my diabetes. There's a book I'd recommend by Dr. Richard Bernstein. It's called, "Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars." I found it to be more informative than any information my diabetes educator was able to give me.

Please for the sake of your LIFE take care of yourself!!!! I have diabetic neuropathy, now very sever can't walk without cane are walker and the pain unbelievable. has affected my kidneys on meds for that, gallbladder had to be took out. I have been treated now for diabetes for a year, had it they think 10-15 years. still not able to get it under control because it has been high so many years. just telling you what happens when you let it go, So please follow the diet, WALK or you lose the ability to move, I have a lot of other medical issues and wish so much to be healthy, try harder you have doctors on your side but you got to help yourself.

you can not eat healthy to fix this problem dear. You have got to take your insulin, check your blood sugar and eat healthy by that I mean follow a diabetic diet. Do all of these on schedule every time every day. Plus go for a walk for a half hour after supper everyday.
Your other option is you are going to get a Lot Sicker. And you could die.
I know needles are a real creeper. You will get used to it, I promise. I have been doing it everyday for many years. Find a local support group, call the hospitals or department of health. Look in the newspaper where they list AA groups. Join it go to the meetings.
You need someone to support you who knows how hard it is to be new at being diabetic.
You are in fragile health baby, talk to your husband. Get him on board supporting you~pushing you to do what you have to do to be healthy again.
Private message me anytime with questions, rants, what ever you need. Hugs

I know its not going to fix it but it would help. I have gotten better at taking my insulin but not where i first was when i found out. He tries but only to the extent where he asks me from time to time if i checked my blood sugar took my insulin which i appreciate i really do but i feel like in the eyes of my friends and family its no big deal and they sit there and eat their sweets in front of me and when i try to excuse myself since i was a real big baker and sweets person before i found out they act like i offended them. Its not like i want them to walk on eggs shells around me but i dont know how to make them understand that i dont have the strength yet to sit there and watch them eat all that without giving in a eating a big piece.
I hate seeing the look of horror when i check my blood sugar or take my insulin it makes me feel like a freak or that i should hide myself away from the rest of the world. Thank you for ur advice i will look into a support group around me i was taking a class but only made it to one but it was expensive to go.

Honestly they need to be way more sensitive. Also they need to get over it. Do not hide to check your blood sugars. Every time someone else who needs to see you do it, it empowers them to do it dear. How would you feel seeing others do it. It you saw it all the time it would bother you less.
I have other people make positive comments to me at the race track of all places. Trust me it is OK. When I have to take insulin in public I will sometimes inject through my clothes. If you are wearing something thin it is ok to do that.
Just be certain not to make a habit of doing it all the time. Do it right when you can.

Oh and keep looking for free support groups and check with your insurance for free classes and look for area classes that may be free of low cost

Thank you i will keep that in mind. Do u know of any website or anything for recipes that work for people with diabetes?

Let me look those up for you and I will pass them on

Thanks so much cause i love cooking and baking but have given up on it and would love to start again i just started baking again but i have been using spelnda instead of suagr

Check out you can sign up to have it sent to your email as well

thanks so much this means a lot to me. Someone once told me that cold feet is a part of being diabetic is there any truth to that? cause no matter what i do my feet are always cold and i get cold a lot quicker than i use to

makes you feel like a freak!!!!what!! Thats the last thing you should be thinking about. Just type amputations into google and see what can happen to you if you do give into some cravings you get. Imagiine life without hands or feet....

thank you i guess i needed to hear that.

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im 14 i was diagnosed at 10 when i went to the doctors over an upset stomach it sucked minutes later they sent me to a restroom to pee in a cup to check for ketones and there was a trace from then on they sent me to st. johns hospital and took some tests like iv-s and stuff then they came in and told me they had some good news and bad news they told me i had type one diabetes i still think that 4 years ago i died but then i think about the future how much better its going to get

Thank you for ur wisdom u seem to have more of it at such a young age. I try and look at the positive that am alive and that this is manageable but with no one around who understands its hard. Im glad i found this website to talk to other people who are going through the same thing.

me to glad i can finally talk about it with other people who understand our problems

Do u have any tips on things to make it easier?