College & Diabetes

I was 15 when diagnosed 21 *(type 1)now . Our government sucks and wont provide me with medi-caid .. which I was given from the age of 15-19 that covered all expenses . Now instead of just having to worry about the daily struggle of pricking and giving myself injections .. I have to worry about how I am going to get those drugs to live .. its hard I'm in college full time(3rd year) .. My family cannot afford to help me ... and the only way I get my meds are by working two jobs that still doesnt cut it .. I haven't been to a doctor in over a year .. . SO lately I've been like SCREW THISS  . . Im spending on my money on medicine when my friends are going out .. meeting guys.. having a great time .. & on top of all this ..i'm a virgin still at 21 ... so I drink , and I have fun .. I cannot let diabetes control me .. my social life is suffering .. I feel crappy  at least once a week cause my sugars are too high or I fall asleep for long periods of time ... and earlier this semester I was like I want to lose 20 pounds.. oh not with diabetes .. I worked my *** of 5 days a week for a month(eating clean/working out) and lost 1 freaking pound.. I'm over this.. it isn't fair .. & i know there are people out there with worst conditions and worst lives.. but damn.. I really want to get my life together.. health wise and other things will fall into place .

If anyoone , on here knows of a way I can naturally lose weight, lower my insulin intake to save money & lower my gluclose levels please help. :)

&tell me if you're my age and can relate :]
sl8rthedesigner sl8rthedesigner
18-21, F
Dec 14, 2012