It Could Be Worse

I don't really have diabetes but my A1C is close enough to indicate diabetes that I have to take care of myself like I do (my A1C stays between 5 and 6). If I don't keep my weight under control and watch my diet then I will become truly diabetic.
What really sucks about it is trying to balance a diabetic diet with a Crohns and RA diet. It's a pain in the but. Between the low sugar, low carbohydrate, low fiber, no residue, limited diary, and limited meat intake my diet tends to be rather boring, bland, and repetitive. There's not much left that I can have and I start to get tired of eating the same boring crap every day. That's what I have to do though.
I have seen what uncontrolled diabetes has done to my mother and I do not intended to go down that path. When I fail to follow the Crohns and RA diet I suffer for it.
It could be worse, I could be insulin dependent. My niece is and I watch what she goes through. I respect her for being so strong. I am also grateful for what I have (or don't have in this situation).
lyricaldemise lyricaldemise
41-45, T
Jan 7, 2013