Cinnamon And Chromium

I found out last month  I have the symptoms of diabetes.  My blood sugar was over 300 and I started on metformin.  I've been doing some reading and saw that cinnamon and chromium are supplements that help maximize the conversation of carbohydrates.  Does anyone have any thoughts on the subject?
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

I have used Chromium for years as part of my diabetic treatment. It is not expensive and does wonders. Not only will both help with your metabolism and balancing your blood sugars they will also assist you with your diet. Your less likely to over eat or feel the need to nibble between. As with any drug do over do them. Follow guidelines on the bottle.

Thank-you Jenna. I appreciate that you took the time to comment on my question and thank-you for the summary of the history you've experienced with the Cinnamon.