How I Becoame Diabetic

     I think it’s very important to understand how I became diabetic. First the excuse. I have also been suffering from hypothyroidism, which means I need to take a thyroid hormone every day, and I was. When you have this condition you also need blood tests so that they could measure your level and adjust your hormone pill so that you have the right amount in your system. Of course with no insurance I had to pay cash for the blood work which was about seventy dollars, which I did several times. It came to the point where my last blood test showed I was stable with the amount of hormone I was taking. From that point I should only have had to have an additional blood test every six or nine months. However the doctor I was seeing wanted to be real sure I was stable, so as I was running out of my months supply of synthroid, she ordered another blood test. I didn’t have the money. So began a rollercoaster ride. The doctor would not give me another script till I had the blood test. I couldn’t have the blood test till I had seventy extra dollars. Two or three weeks would go by and I would finally have the money, but what good is taking the blood test if I have been off the medication for a couple weeks. Of course my level is way low again. This cycle of on again off again went on for almost two years, and when I became ill with diabetes I had been off the hormone for months. I believe that might have been a contributing factor. My whole body system was way off, because of it.

     The second reason I became diabetic is because I’m an idiot. I fat idiot, but I’d rather not talk about that now. I’d much rather pretend I was an innocent bystander and my thyroid was the cause of it all.
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Being new to it myself, I also think of causes. Like the 12 hershey bars I ate after our camping trip, the 5 pounds of grapes, eaten weekly, bags of cherries. Mounds of cookies, cake, anything else I could get my hands on that didn't bite back. In reality, not sure if you can cause it. I am not over weight, get a lot of activity farming, and ranching. All the females of the family had diabetes, I am the only one of the males to have to deal with it. Dang the luck.

Harsh self judgements won't help. Really! Mindfullness leads to better self regulation - bettter diet and exercise. Being mindful of your feelings is not the same as being controlled by your feeling; in fact - just the opposite. There are all kinds of self-help books, and programs, and diabetes education, etc.... they all can work for you. But it all starts with YOU!

The day before I was going to turn 6 1/2, I told my mom I wanted to do something BIG for my half birthday (I was sick on my real birthday) she said, " after your doctor appointment, we can go do whatever you want." well, I went to the doctor, and they said I had to go to the hospital IMEDIATELY. my blood sugar was over 700. I was now diabetic. <br />
I did do something big, but that's not exactly what I had in mind.

I am sorry but pain (emotional in this situation) is relative to the situation, and just because someone is a BKA or below the knee amputee, doesn't mean your frustration and pain is any less or real than hers. She may have been a diabetic all her life who was insulin dependent and an alcoholic, you never know(not that anyone should have to suffer). <BR>Anyway, your thyroid horome is actually made by your pituitary gland in your brain, and then turned into a more useful form in your body and I believe regulated more by your actual thyroid gland of course in your neck.<BR>Then you add in your pancreas in your torso with the insulin and we have more interactions.<BR>I only know the details about you that you have included in this story. I understand partially how you feel because I just had my second blood sugar drawn. The results of my blood tests were high, this one at 126 fasting and my HbAIC at 7.0. My MD is going to tell me tommarow Diabetes type II. I had gestational diabetes 2 times and had to follow a diet, 6 and 7 poud babies. Then I was fine, until now when poundage came. I also have Multiple Sclerosis so exercise is difficult, and so is energy. My immune sysmtem is eating itself, and my body won't let me enjoy food now. You have to wonder which hormones are irritating which?

Check out this 87 year old woman who is just like me but.. OLDER! We videotaped her pulling off her leg (she had it cut off below the kneee due to diabetes) but haven't uploaded that yet (my camera man almost passed out): Just remember, things could be ALOT worse..