It Will Kill Me

This disease is a death sentence. It makes me sad to think of myself as dying but in actuality I am. This disease ravaged the body of my Mother until her dying last breath. Certainly times have changed and there are great improvements to this god forsaken curse I have received, but still....every day I hate checking my blood sugar, I hate having to count carbohydrates, I hate feeling faint when my blood sugar is low, and feeling thirsty when my blood sugar is high. It sucks. It is awful and it is with me daily. I cant escape it, I cant change it:-( I wear an insulin pump to give me better control but how awful it is sometimes to explain what it is and what it isn't!!

My name is Meg and I am a diabetic. I hate it but it is part of me. I pray that I can keep up the fight and survive many years to come.


*OK my venting is done*

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I feel your pain. I also have diabetes. Stay strong their are new medicines everyday and some our healthcare insurance may even cover.

Take a breath Meg - that level of stress will kill you way before your diabetes does. I get having "I hate diabetes" days - diabetes can suck, but 100 years ago there was no insulin - that'd suck more! The thing that gets me down the most is peoples reaction to my diabetes - they ask what my insulin pump is and when I tell them they do that whole judgmental look thing and say something stupid like "but you're not fat!" That's when it makes me feel sad. I'm with you on the disliking diabetes front - just don't let your hate of it take over your life xxx

I was diagnosed at 10.. that was 41 yrs ago. Did I die from type I and not know it? I also had one baby - my son- he is 14, healthy, no DM.. AND, I was 38 when I had him.

So, where is the death sentence? Who told you you would die of it??? Maybe if it was prior to 1921 perhaps...........

Keep in control, DO IT.. make good decisions every day. And, of course, cheat NOW AND THEN and ENJOY IT.

Have you ever tried the body by vi shakes? I know they are diabeti friendly under 1g of sugar and have helped many people regulate their sugars and some get off their insulin also some insurance companies will cover this as well under wellness products let me know if you want some info and i will be happy to send.

type 2 ,throwin in the towel ,not worth the effort any more :(, bye

Me too Meg,i hate it with a vengence,i have to inject 4 times a day & i'm sick of explaining what i'm doing when i do so if i happen to be out.Its the 21st centuary for gods sake its about time they came up with a cure.

You certainly would not choose to have the condition. I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic 5 years ago. To begin with I felt as though my world would fall apart. But once I accepted that I had it,and had no choice but to live with it things are not so depressing these days. There are after all much worse things in life that you can get.

Thanks for you words of encouragement. I appreciate it.

Meg:<br />
<br />
I have nearly 20 years of living with it too, though likely not as fierce a battle as the one you wage - my Type 1 profile is more stable and does not require the services of a pump to control my blood sugar levels, but it is a *major* pain in the butt, arm, and thigh, for sure...;)<br />
<br />
Dealing with this all of the time is a struggle and takes great courage to rise above. <br />
<br />
Try not to let it get you down. You should be proud of yourself for managing as you have... :)<br />
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Sincerely,<br />
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It is a daily battle with my own mind. But I have lots of reasons to make it....I am sure you do too!

It is hard to live with it <br />
it is hard to want to try and deal with it<br />
<br />
<br />
But like you I keep trying :]

I have 21 years of living with it......sometimes its too much. But I'm trying:-)

If it wasn't diabetes, it would be from something else... nobody gets out of life alive! But having dealt with it for almost thirty years now, I understand where your coming from. I can honestly say from experience, You CAN live with it...

No, thank you MJ... ;-)

Thanks baby:-)

I pray that you keep up and win this fight...You can't leave me! ;)