Scared to Pieces...

I'm 29.5 weeks pregnant with my second child and I went for a routine one hours glucose test my results where so high that I don't have to take a three hour test I have to start insulin , right away... I'm shocked and scared! with my first child I had Gestational diabetes but was able to control it with diet. I'm not going to be so lucky this time.

I'm worried about my unborn sons health and mine. I am thankful that I have been sticking with the "diet" plan I was given with my first pregnancy , just as precaution since I found out I was pregnant but I was a little lax with it.

I've always been overweight. always ... just before I got pregnant I had lost 20 lbs... ( that 's when you usually get my mother has type 2 diabetes...that is under control since she's lost major weight, my little brother has type 1 , he's 11 he got it when he was 9. there are others in the family  and I knew that I had/have a chance of getting it.

my goal right now is to keep my Blood Sugar under control until after my son is born. and then... I want to lose major weight... like my mom...except I don't lose it as easy as her.. she just started to exercise and it's falling off... me I exercise already and I'm still fat. I don't drink soda, or eat alot of fast food, I think I'm a very health conscience person...I drink water, fat free milk, eat breakfast every morning, eat light yogurt or cottage cheese instead of the regular stuff, I use organic stuff, and eat berries rather than higher sugar fruits, I never drink fruit juice,I eat ground turkey rather than ground beef, tons of veggies, whole wheat breads and pastas... everything I can think to keep me healthy I do... and when not pregnant I exercise... everyday... a 30 minute walk and 3 times a  week I work out at a gym... yet I'm FAT!!! what can I do? I've tried to get help with weight loss , I've talked to my doctors but it's like, they are not worried , like they think I don't do what I'm telling you... it's very frustrating, does anyone have any other tips as far as losing weight to ward of diabetes and to lose weight after my baby is born? (lucky I've only gained 15lbs. so the baby weight should come off easy it's just what's left that is gonna be hard ...)

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Hi please don't take stress now it's not required but once your child is born see your food patterns sleep patterns and ur medications it may be because of that u have diabetes see alternative medical practices like homeopathy or Ayurveda ( the second one heals quite well )

I too have type two diabetes the diet one my reading was 26 it should be around 4 I know how you feel sweetie but I think that you should be okay don't forget that the reading you got is for the both of you so that will bump your blood sugar levels up

I think the key is MINDFULNESS. This is actually a practice that can be learned. It leads to self regulation, which in turn leads to eating less. Check out MBSR (mindfullness ba<x>sed stress reduction). Check out the American Diabetes Association website for diabetes lifestyle intervention programs and also how mindfulness helps. The thing about mindful eating is that you actually taste the food for vividly and it is more satisfying.

My thoughts are with you, I was in the same boat,5 years ago. I was induced as my baby got to big! I could have one slice of bread, and my sugar would be through the roof. All I can say is lay off the fruits, bread, pasta, potatoes. I know...believe me, how hard it is...and I was frequently chastised by my OB. Even dairy has carbs. Do your best, your child will be fine, but it's known that those who have gestational diabtes, usually end up having full blown diabetes at some point. It's almost like doing the Adkins diet...from here on out. And that just plain sucks! I could live on potatoes and pasta! Best wishes for you, you can do it!

First off, get a referral to a high risk ob/gyn. You are now considered high risk and need a doctor that is trained as suck. As your current doc, if he/she tells you that you don't need one, then have them check their attitudes. If you had cancer, they would refer you on. Some docs have huge egos, just like some people....but it is you and the baby who are the most important now, so demand the best.<br />
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I'll post more tomorrow about what having a high risk ob/gyn means and the ONE DOCTOR...not getting caught into the gotta go thru the loop and see all the doctors. In my clinic, they had 10 doctors and those docs all took care of their own patients so they got to know them very well and could see what problems they may or may not have to be worried about. If your reg ob/gyn won't help find a high risk doc, then call your ins company or at worst look on the internet/phone book and it will say if a clinic takes high risk patients.<br />
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Until then, I know it's scary and there are a lot of unknowns. Getting to a specialist will help so much since this is what they do everyday and you can ask mom's who have actually had insulin dependant diabetes. I will tell you that I was scared to death of needles, still am, but the needles are so thin that I didn't really even feel it...except a few times you can get it in the wrong place and then it will give you a little sting. But nothing you can't handle for that little ones sake :) I'm so terrible excited for you, new baby...yay!<br />
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Talk to you soon<br />
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do the insulin like your doctor's prescribe. your diabetic may stop or continue after your coming -soon 2nd delivery. it's not purposely a word of despair from me but just a word of fact and getting ready. during my wife first delivery,her diabetic ceased,but after her second one,it continues. i wish you good luck (you must believe in good Luck ,besides God or Gods).

hi how do you handle travel i want to back to vegas vand when i go i end up in the hosptial how would you change your meds.<br />
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Hang in there, you will get through this!

Don't be scared... some of the healthiest people can be diabetics!<br />
<br />
They are the ones who know that junk food will effect them.<br />
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High protein diet... meat ,chicken, fish, eggs in any quantity ( I am a qualified Natural Therapist who has had gestational diabetes twice !!!!<br />
<br />
Forget all bread and pasta... also most veges.... they turn to glucose on your blood stream Potatoes are almost PURE SUGAR in your system.<br />
<br />
Green leafy veg ONLY and raw celery.<br />
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Your baby may be large and you may require a c-section to deliver, but what they will be more concerned about is your baby's blood sugar level on delivery.... he will be taken to ICU and monitored, he will be tube fed if the sugar level is low to prevent him slipping into a coma.<br />
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You may experience "thrush" in your breasts making feeding very painful.... don't hold fast to breastfeeding I tried but was in too much pain. By the time they fixed it my milk had all but dried up. I went tho formula, not by choice but my baby's health was more important.<br />
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Stick with the high protein diet after the pregnancy and you will drop weight quickly<br />
<br />
MYTH : Fat makes you fat.... it is sugar (glucose not broken down which turns to reserve) that makes you fat.<br />
<br />
You need omega 3 / 6 / 9 as fats for healthy skin amd body function... all found in protein.<br />
<br />
Read up on ATKINS... a doctor who discovered this 40 years ago<br />
<br />
eat 6-8 times a day, DO NOT sit and eat 3 large meals, your pancreas will be under toooo much pressure.<br />
<br />
never let it go more than 90 minutes without having at least a boiled egg, or a few spoons of tin tuna or salmon. This will help your metabolism keep burning and your baby maintain a steady blood glucose level<br />
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All the best<br />

I wish you all the best with your pregnancy, I don't know much bout diabetes,all i can say is best of luck for u and the baby.<br />
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Yours Sincerely <br />
Sweettooth mum's diabetic tooo. nd I've learnt a lot about it.....I know it can be effectively managed with good diet and exercise...and all. Just try a lifestyle change, eat in moderation, and dont sweat it if u don't lose weight overnight...cuz u cant. it takes a while.....but we have ur back and will support u....No worries, ur baby will be healthy. trust me. X.

I was diagnosed with type II in 1992 and took an oral med for about 3 yrs but was stuck with uncontrolable diabetes and put on insulin which in some cases will cause weight gain....I went up almost 30 lbs in the first several months. My dr and myself worked out a sensable plan. I have severe arthritis as well and cannot do strenuous we created a diet called Living With The 3 B's which are baked, broiled, or boiled NO FRIED FOODS at less bread and pasta and eat small meals during the day and a lite dinner and nothing an hour before going to bed. All this has gotten my blood sugar down in the 90-110 catagory and I have dropped almost 40 lbs in the last 6 months. Loosing weight quickly will only lead to putting it back on again...take it off slowly and it will stay other thing stress will also raise your blood sugar levels so try to stay calm...think of a favorite quiet place and let your thoughts take you there (:o)

I have found that once you have to face a disorder or disease in your life (me and the kids have many), it forces you to eat better, exercise kids all grew up pretty healthy because they had food restrictions.<br />
Educate yourself, that is the best way to handle this and reach out to others. I had that test 3x during one pregnancy and my son was cannot predict the future, so stop leaning on the just don't know. No point in worrying, but arm yourself with knowledge.<br />
Good luck!

when i was pregnant with my second son, i was freaking out bc i had certain problems that i didnt with my first. i would get this feeling like i had millions upon millions of needles going through my body. i had many blood tests done, showing nothing was wrong with me. i had that feeling through-out my whole pregnancy. it scared me to no end.<br />
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i am so sorry that you are having GD problems. it has to be scary, but ita that you shouldnt be stressing about all this. it isnt healthy! it is hard to weight, either from pregnancy (which i am still trying to lose from my 1st one, i gained 102lbs with him and 86lbs with my 2nd). you are doing the right thing by eating healthy and being active. keep doing that, it will show, it will take time but that is better bc you dont want to lose a lot of weight all at once!<br />
<br />
btw... congrats on the pregnancy & congrats on a little boy!! they are fun, i should know, i have 2 of them. 4yrs old & 13 months.

You didn't mention your age and that always figures into whether you'll be successful in dropping weight the way you'd like to. Like you I too was very active and healthy before falling prey to diabetes but it runs in my family line so I didn't have much say in it. And like you I still workout but I am not fat you would say but I am heavier than I'd like to be but very healthy I eat all the right things also. All I can tell you is keep up the healthy habits and try a low carb diet and see what kind of results you get. But don't get discouraged the main thing is your health. And always keep that up. Just because we're diabetic doesn't mean we can't be healthy it's just a lifestyle we have to adjust to that's all until they can come up with a cure for it :)

For some reason ,diabetis runs in my family,yet i havent got it ,i am 82,one of my son`s and a daughter have it,ive with my sin so i see how it effects his life,he is 44.many hand operations,slow to badmhe may get disability from a job he cannot do,i he was a 9 lb baby,and the girl with diabetis was 9 and a half,other two about seems you are a great lady,so concerned about the baby and your diet,seems you need to go to a dietician for a diabetis diet plan,so much easier and safe er then doing it yourself, know of manyladies had gestational diabetes,and had healthy babies,went away aftr delivery,i am Catholic,have a savorite Saint i prayed to when i couldnt conseive (same hubby) 12 years after last child,So i will send many prayers up for you both,And your family.So refreashing in this day and age,there are still mom`s like you out there,so blessings and prayers going your way,

*Hugs* I'm here for ya. Yes, I am a stranger, but I'm still here.

I hope you're doing well .. can you update? I see you have lots of sound advice here. Isn't EP the greatest?

Have you considered the possibility you might have PCOS? I have PCOS and it's so HARD for me to lose weight- I actually take 1000 mg of metformin a day because although I am NOT diabetic, I have high insulin resistance that makes my body pump insane amounts of insulin into my blood. The metformin helps combat the resistance and give me more sensitivity to insulin so I don't produce so much. Insulin helps your body retain fat and turn things into fat.<br />
<br />
You say diabetes is in your family, that can make it even MORE likely that you have PCOS- it runs in my family and my cousins also have PCOS, lucky for my sister she doesn't! :p<br />
<br />
The problem with people with PCOS is that carbs are our enemy, so you say you eat healthy, but I bet you are a carb junkie like I am. I'm not saying don't eat any carbs, cuz you do need them, but maybe limit that intake.<br />
<br />
Check out PCOS (google it and check out the first link) then ask yourself if it pertains to you (10% of women have it and 50% of them don't know it AND many doctors don't know much about it as well). I know for me I have started to change my lifestyle and in the past few months lost 15 lbs by getting on metformin and trying to eat better, I'm starting to go back to the gym as well.<br />
<br />
I know it's hard while pregnant, but try to cut back on carbs a bit, that might help if you do have PCOS- cuz I don't know if you can take metformin while pregnant.<br />
<br />
I wish you the best :)

If ur finding it hard to lose weight have u had a thyroid test done? Dont go mad but dont crash diet either think of ur baby im sure all will turn out fine xx


First off, you need a hug!! You are going to be ok! Thank God for insulin, right?? <br />
<br />
On a more serious note, you should consider seeing a Registered Dietitian and/or a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) for help during your pregnancy. Most doctors do not have the training (as an endocrinologist would) to help you in detail. An RD/CDE can help create a plan that will be beneficial to you, your baby and even after you give birth. Insurance companies cover at least one visit for gestational but you can make the most out of it!<br />
<br />
Good luck!<br />
<br />
Generika RD

My prayers are with you and your precious child. May your pregnancy go a bit smoother herein. Take extra care with yourself. May you have a guardian angel on your shoulder at all times.

I had gestational diabetes 7 years ago with my last child...she was born healthy...a little large, and a few small "problems" that took care of themselves...she is now a beautiful, healthy, precocious 7 year old...I managed to avoid diabetes for a few years...but last years was diagnosed...I had an infection that would not heal and was hospitalized when they discoverd by blood sugar was in the low 400's...yikes!...I lost about ten pounds after the hospital and got my b/s well under control (90-120) for about 8 months...the last couple of months it's been creeping up a bit, but whenever I exercise it goes back down...having some insurance inssues that prevent me from taking all the meds I need, but I am still at a point where diet and exercise work...I do hate having it...I do hate having to always be aware of how I feel, what I've eaten...when I can/should eat again...but, there are worse things to have...this is something I can control...there are treatments...and a healthy diet and exercise are good things for, relax, breathe, walk, eat good foods and take care of yourself & that baby...peace..SS

It's OKAY!! I had the same scenario, in fact the lab messed up on my 3-hour test THREE times and had to keep doing. My son is perfectly healthy and wonderful. Don't stress, it's worse than just accepting and dealing with it. You have 10 weeks left, that's not long to handle this. I'm always here to talk to!<br />
<br />
That website ^^^ will help you with proper portion sizes and exercises. Believe it or not the average portion we eat is WAY too much and when you exercise regularly you have to up the anty every once in a while because your body becomes used to it.<br />
<br />
If that's YOUR picture as the avatar, you do not appear to overweight in the least. Pregnant, yes, overwieght, no. However, I have another option as well ... I use something called "WaferThins" ... People are going nutso over them because of the results and it seems they are on backorder right now because when I tried to order mine I got an email back ... anyhow ... "Wafer Thins" <br />
<br />
I hope you are able to overcome this soon and that your new baby brings more joy and health to the household.

Good luck. I hope you can reach your healthy weight, as well as find a doctor willing to help you with your goals, after, of course, you give birth a healthy baby. Good Luck!

yep i am new but trying to be help when I can ..<br />
I had a cousin with really bad diabetis ...<br />
it's in my kids father side of hte family too I worry about my oldest as he is very over weight ,,and was my smallest baby...<br />
you just continu to stay determined ....<br />
Hugs from Ohio <br />

It's typical for diabetics to have probs. dropping the weight. Or they go the opposite way, and loose ALOT, and quickly, which isn't healthy either. If you don't have other major risk factors though, the doctor prob. won't ob<x>ject to a bit of excersise even now with the pregnancy. Such as walking, and others that are in expectant parenting magazines. This might help keep you from gaining too much extra weight and keep you ready for a more vigorous excersise routine after the baby is born. Good luck with the up-coming bundle of joy! :)

thanks becky. it's good to know others are listening...that is sometime the best help you can give :D

so sorry about your health concerns ..<br />
I am sorry about your health concerns ..<br />
I hope you have a healthy Baby ,,,<br />
Try not to stress too much as htats not healthy for you or the baby ..<br />
I hope the diabetes goes away after your son is born ...<br />
It reallysounds like you do everything right with your diet ...<br />
I never have had a major weight problem but after I quit smoking I gained some undesired weight ,and while my husband was battling cancer ,,if he wasnt eating I was eating for him ..<br />
But I found If i thought about dieting and eight control the more hungry Thats all I was thinking of was food<br />
Funny I gave up on dieting and hte weight come ..But I am not telling you to do that with your health condition you need to watch ..<br />
I guess I havent been a lot of help really just wanted to wish you well <br />
Hugs <br />