Another Sign of Too Much Work...

I used to be fit, I used to be athletic, and my body began giving out on me... first my knees, then my right elbow (two surgeries - now arthritic), and recently, I was diagnosed with "Insulin Resistance", otherwise known as Type II Diabetes, non-insulin dependent. 

This means I now have to fit my daily eating schedule to only consume 168 carbs per day, for the rest of my life.  I've been adjusting, testing my blood sugar 3-5 times per day, and proud to say that with Metformin, exercise, and diet, I'm now back under control.

However, some of the changes are disappointing, but I'm trying to find the 'upside' in all of the things that I have to give up... of all of them, I miss Scotch, Fresh Bread, Iced Cream, and Tootsie Rolls.

But I thank God for Bryers Carb Smart Iced Cream, Splenda, and sugar free jelly for my whole grain toast.

Another thing... I've lost 35lbs so far, since the new diet and exercise, and I'm fitting into clothes that I've had in my closet for some time... Woohoo!  
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1 Response Nov 1, 2007

Being healthier definitely an upside. Woo!