19 Years Ago; If I Only Knew It Then...

I was diagnosed with diabetes when I got pregnant at 15. And as a know it all, I ignored everything they tried to teach me I'm now 34 & having my second surgery due to this disease.

In September they took an inch ad a half of my pinkie bone out of my left foot, now they want the rest of the toe & 3 more.

I have been diagnosed with retinopathy,gloucoma, cateracts & several other things, anemia, high blood pressure, ,ect...

My Dr told me to quit working & apply for social security which in this economy makesme nervous!

I have myfirst eye surgery on tuesdy the 19th of January; and though I've had it before I'm nervous.

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I am very familiar with what you are going through. Reach out to me if you ar ethe same girl I dated in High School. .

TI too have diabetes, I was diagnosed in 2005 by 2007 I had lost my left eye surgery couldn’t save it, and I am legally blind in the right eye. I don’t qualify for SSI because I was told I could wrap hamburgers in foil, get a job. I cannot drive safely on the roads but they want me to drive anyway. <br />
I have been seeing floaters in my good eye again but I cannot see the eye doctor because I owe them money. When the floaters started in the left eye, I lost that eye within two months. I am scared. I have a thirteen-year-old son who struggles in school, without my help he would be failing; I am more scared for him then myself. Diabetes is nothing to fool with, if it runs in your family get checked and get checked often, and if you have it and you can get your eyes checked, not just a “can you see the chart” check, have the doctor look inside your eye.

I do hava a small but wonderful support system. I have my husband, my youngest daughter & my parents. They drive me back & forth 120 miles toth Drs and sit with me & comfort m :) I'm ery blessed to have them. Thank you for your note

this is a very dear experience for me ,hotrod hubby is suffering thru type 2 diabetes,so i do know what is going on with you,he has had 7 foot surgerys minus 1 big toe ,no left heel bone,couple of toe knucles gone and in a power wheelchair ive been thru all his stays in the hospitals,,good luck you do have someone here for you i do care very much .let me know the outcome.make sure you take someone with you

I forgot to mention, I'm one of the millions out there with out health insurancee. I have $80,000 in hospital bills for the first surgery now.