I Was Diagnosed 5 Months Ago

I am 48 years old and my mother, both my grandmothers and countless uncles and aunts are diabetic so it was foolish to think it would pass me over but I was hoping it would just the same. When the Dr diagnosed me as a diabetic last August I asked if it were at all possible to control it with diet and exercise and she said no, that I wasn't "THAT overweight" as she put it. She put me on Glucophage twice daily and gave me a diet/exercise plan.

I'd like to say it's easy but it ain't. 1800 calories a day isn't much and sometimes the appitite kicks in and nothing will do but I have to eat some bread....or worse chocolate!

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Thank you. :)<br />
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For me those crazy cravings happen close to my period so I figure it's primarily hormonal but it's rough all the same. Hope the best for you mom too.

My mom (your same age too) is diabetic but she got it from depression and stuff..it doesnt really run in my family but the doctor has said if she looses weight it will go away so she is on a diet right now :) <br />
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i know exactly what u mean about the appetite..she gets crazy cravings sometimes lol<br />
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Good luck to you and take care!