Not Me But My Mom

I don't have diabetes but my mom does. It actually kind of runs in the family I have a sister who has it as well as 2 of my Aunts. I wouldn't be shocked if I ended up with it eventually. When I lived with my mom still and we found out she has it we had to try to change a lot of things. I had to change the way I cook and had to see that my mom cut back on sweets and she stills try to sneak them in. My moms diabetes has caused a lot of problems with her body she has liver problems and is sick often. Her insurance through her job sucks it doesn't pay for all the medicine she has to take. sometimes she has to go days without her meds and she gets loopy. I help out when I can  but I have bills and such I have to  take care of as well.  At least I can say I know how to deal with things like this.
mak314 mak314
26-30, F
Nov 25, 2007