Why Me?

I am a slave to myself. I work endlessly, trying to prove to my alters that I am not willing to perrish. I have twenty one god accursed alters, their group name, the 21 Inept. I'm stuck to deal with all of their homocidal malignancies, sexual lust, and hard labor. The leader, Arkydan, is a vicious entity...
One day, sitting on my bed, crying, Arkydan was yelling in my headm and something bizzare happened...I blacked out and woke up inside a hospital. I cant remember what the hell happened, but the doctors analysis was complete. I had amnesia. I couldn't remember the contents of anything for a while. Truly, Arkydan knows, but will not disperse that information. So I'm left here with horrible flashbacks on what led up to my amnesia, for example, the dents in my chest. Arkydan and Marx (another alter) and a sledgehammer (?). My bike scars. Arkydan destroying my bike, letting me fly. The burn on my left arm. Somehow a freak accident. What I really want to know is, who is this girl most of my dreams have been centered around? Who is Darkra? Who is Crash? Or Mars?
I can only weep as these memories flood me...one by one...Strangest part is the Arkydan keeps mentioning a young man by the name of "Tyler", that they were rivals before I got sent to an insane asylum (?) not too long ago. It all seems fake...

Arkydan Arkydan
1 Response Jul 17, 2010

Believe it or not there are people out there that can relate