I Collect While My Wife Fuss's

I am a do it yourselfer around my house if it is somthing I can do as it cost so much today just to get sombody to come fix even the smallest thing. You talk to a repair person by phone and they want a hundred dollar's up just to make a house call and then repair's are added on top of that. So I collect. My wife like's to go to yardsale's and the flea market and look around and I do too. I look for box's or jar's of nut's and bolt's, screw's and nail's. Tool's or just about anything that I think might come in handy at some point. You cant go to the store and just buy the one thing you need anymore you have to buy a whole box. Guy's alway's call each other when they are working on somthing too to try to save buying a bunch of stuff. Hey do you have a two foot piece of 2x4 laying around or such and such size bolt and nut so we save each other a little money. But when my wife stick's her head inside the shed to try to find somthing I know there is a fussing comming and I really dont understand why, The shed is mine and I dont fuss at her about the 22 pair's of shoe's she has spread out in three closet's that dont get worn. At least I use my stuff.
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Thank you for reading and commenting British Babe. With the economy as it is today saving money any way you can is a must do. My Best.

To me it makes perfect sense, my Dad and Grandad did the same thing and borrow tools etc instead of buying brand new.

Thank You for reading and commenting ProfDavros. What a great idea, a shed party just for us guy's. It could be held outside while the bbq grill is cooking to feed us and we are looking and testing thing's. My Best.

Hand up, "Me too".<br />
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I wonder how my partner would make dinner if there wasn't all that "stuff" in the cupboards all over the kitchen, and with what without all those "tools" everywhere. I wonder why she needs three frying pans... isn't one enough?<br />
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I think the comparison with the shoes is a good one.<br />
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The difference I've come to understand for myself is that most guys don't spend $20,000 putting storage racks, shelves, lockable cupboards and lots of identical storage boxes in the shed etc but we are quite willing to do the same in the kitchen - revamp it or build it into a new home.<br />
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We don't buy a drill stand, work bench, grinder etc for the shed, but people give us blenders, food processors, rice cookers etc for wedding gifts.<br />
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It's the inequity that leads to our partners complaining that there's stuff everywhere, things are un-findable and nowhere to put suitcases etc.<br />
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Buy more storage guys..... it'll keep it neat and organised and out of sight. Maybe we need a party plan for shed stuff (like tupperware or one of the expensive cooking lines).

Thank You for reading and commenting Miss Owlie and sharossody. I guess it's a guy thing although there are some good handywomen too. My Best

I just loved your post, it brings back so many memories. My hubbys uncle would clear around his beach house, take a load to the tip and bring back twice as much, he could always justify it by making things for the garden out of an old car seat..[two seater swing] with all the pipe he'd store under the house... the aunt would say that the house would be off it's blocks if he tried to put more under it.....lol

Atta boy! I'm going to say this again to you..please clone yourself.