I'm A Hoarder

I'm a hoarder,
Need help,
Can't throw things away,
The rubbish,
Building up,
I'm afraid,
I'll throw somethin',
I later regret,
Needed that,
Now look,
What I've done!

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3 Responses Apr 21, 2012

Forget the yard sale! What is your freedom worth?
Seriously, we had a yard sale and made $800 and we were so happy until I added up the hours we spent. We figured out that we had earned less than $2 an hour. Now I give things away, and rejoice at the joy I bring to others who really need it. It is better to give!

Sounds far easier.

i have always said to myself if i have not used a particular thing in the last year, then i don't have a need for it and it then goes! it is hard to be ruthless, but you just need to take that step of faith and do it, i understand it is difficult, so good luck goes to you.

Thank you.

im trying, little by little im getting rid of things

This is what im like, iv seen myself giving away my childs toilet step as she out grew it just to find my friends little boy came to stay and damn he could have used that!

Know what you mean!