Sometimes I Keep Things So Long They Get Ruined..

and then I get mad at myself. Somebody could have used it! But I hung on to it for so long that the leather rotted, or mice got into it, or the elastic died, or it was crushed or something. I really have been asking myself lately, why am I keeping this when someone could be using it right now? Someone who is really in need?
If you think about possessions as things you are the custodian of, not yours but just something you're taking care of on earth for a while, you'll start thinking differently. Is there a need somewhere? Can you help someone with some of your stuff? Do you really believe in yourself, that if you need something in the future you will find a way to get it? Or do you think holding onto your possessions will protect you from some unnamed thing? Seriously, I had a bag of alfalfa from a guinea pig that died 2 years ago. What was I keeping that for? Was it protecting me in case one day I had a dried alfalfa emergency and couldn't get any?

I'm done hoarding - I want to be free.
No more ruined things that could have made someone's life better or easier.
I'm going to trust that I will be able to get what I need, when I need it. (notice I said "need" not "want." )
sigmatheta sigmatheta
Sep 20, 2012