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My name is Laura and I was diagnosed with Dilated Cardio myopathy in March this year, totally unexpected as I have never been in hospital for anything except a broken toe! It was a big shock and still is sometimes when I think about it but I just keep positive and that's the best way of dealing with it i find. They aren't sure of the cause yet to this date as there are no obvious inherited signs so they are thinking it may be viral. How I was diagnosed was a strange story, as I had gone swimming that day because I had recently been feeling like I had lost my fitness as I was getting tired easily and I actually ended up passing out in the swimming pool and being fished out by a lifeguard! Then that day I came into hospital had the scan and the next day I was diagnosed and stayed in that hospital for 6 whole weeks slowly increasing the doses of my medication, having a lot of Ventricular Tachycardia therefore having to insert a pacemaker because of the large risk and came out the day before my 18th birthday, I could not even celebrate with a drink as no alcohol is allowed but I am used to this now! Only recently being told after 6 months nothing has changed much and they were concerned I have been referred to a transplant clinic in Manchester however have found in their tests that I definitely don't need one yet which is good, just see where time takes me I suppose, they don't think my heart is ever going to get back to normal function but I am happy it has been found and I am still feeling healthy in my eyes and I thank all my doctors that I am alive, I was actually lucky in a sense.
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bless ya babe, i have recently been diagnoised after being treated for aniexty for yrs, im based in london and 35 , sending hugs and postive thoughts xxx

hey 18 is really young - and i understand what you are going through. being positive is all nice but you will have bad days - where every things seems lost. better have someone you could talk to. fighting this disease alone is not possible.

Yeah I know I already have had bad days and I know I will, I don't think I could be alone in this everyone is being very supportive although it is hard for them to understand sometimes :')

when i have my good days i take care of myself and even others who r trying to support me, but whn am done i hate each and everyone for not understanding or sometime for not having the disease. we have ticking time bomb in our chests - never know when it will blow apart ! sometimes forums like these help

It's shocking when they tell you isn't it?! I'm glad you have been able to keep your spirits up!

Yeah it's like your whole world changes! :') and yes thankyou, hope you are good too :)