I Remember The First Time I Saw The Word

and I thought - omg, is it dog or what???? Nope, has nothing to do with pups!!! A pupusa is a thick corn tortilla, almost like a pita. It's stuffed with things like queso (cheese) or black beans or many other things I guess. They are delicious!!!

I found out exactly what this delectable morsel is this week when my local Costco had pupusas at one of their sample stands. I've discovered many things at Costco's sample stands (like pineapple sausage and 7 layer bean dip!) but, pupusas are my new favorite. Not too high in carbs or calories either and THAT makes me happy!!!

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2 Responses Feb 19, 2010

pupusas are soooooo good OMG! wait until you have them homemade I can't just eat one LOL my fav is shredded beef with cheese and bean and cheese are my 2nd fav yum yummy :D I luv discovering new food.

I was thinking maybe some sort of insect? So happy to discover a corn tortilla instead!