Fakes Are Everywhere, Sadly- Even Here...

Multiple personalities, one profile slandering another, the other defending a friend. Sometimes they are all one entity.

Other times a "nice" user is actually just a poisonous liar...

Then there's me and my kind - Loving, truthful and maligned by those we KNOW are faking it.

That's life and that's the darker side of EP.

As long as you know this, you'll survive both arenas of experience just fine.

I'm not calling anyone out, because this is just an observation. Truth will show soon enough.
TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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This may be the reason you've chosen "The Real Woman" as you name here. I've read enough of your work to know you are indeed real. I've read some really preposterous things from others here and while I doubt their authenticity, I just don't comment on them. It will probably turn out that THOSE are real and the stories I've responded to are not...I'm really a poor judge of that sort of thing.<br />
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One thing I feel FOR SURE: you, TheRealWoman, are the real thing (sine sera).

Sadly I agree with you...there is a darker side to EP! Some eople who come on here for the sole purpose to hurt others, to insult, to ridicule and to judge. But then there are also people who simply tell lies to gain popularity, to create drama and/or be the center of attention. It saddens me that people choose to use this site in such a manner<br />
And while we may see them for who they are, they clog the site and affect others views and perceptions, and hurt some people in the process. But morely is distracts from the people who come here looking for true friendship and support. That is the worst part!

its true

Don't care how many profiles someone has, as long as they're cool to people in all of them. People have different sides. It's all supposed to be anonymous anyway. If we could all just be cool to each other, it wouldn't matter how many profiles anyone chose to have. Quantity isn't the problem. Quality is.

i hear you completely on this. I went through hell for months on ep with signing on to insane pms and confessions about those i cared about in the end two of my friends im for sure of now were only one person. Both acting in means to mess with my head for their own fun. The moment i busted them they both stopped signing on or talking to me in those names. I know the person exists here still just dont know as who and as long as they dont resurface as that cruel person ill never find a way to rid ep of them. So i just focus on stories with friends and interests normally. Im much happier for it haha. I am sorry you are going through this too though.

funguy658687<br />
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Yes, it is an amazing site, but, sadly, a few people are being hurt, harrassed, betrayed, their emotions played with, toyed with, this is the reality of the darker side, which we want rid of on here.

It seems you have more than one in your circle Dear...

ILM, you are so wise! You got what I'm trying to convey. *smiles*<br />
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Lala - I don't think they even care what they are doing...they simply go merrily along in their bullshit. I'd pity them, but I have rockers to love.

Well, we all know who my 'fakie' is, but they're the ones that have to live with that lie at the end of the day, despite the proof from many.

I stay out, but I fiercely protect loved ones if asked and I do it politely.

We all came on here to find answers to our REAL problems, but all these CHUCKLEHEADS without any -real problems- have also found this place.... and they are the same people esentially who screw things up for us in -real life-. So they find this place and wanna do it here too... Does the EP staff even care? Sometimes I'm not sure that they do...

we all came on here for our own reasons and being SUCKSed into EP polyticks wasn't one of them...

Yep, eyes and emotions open, but slightly cynical, people. We don't need friends who are fake. You cut me, I bleed.