Facades, Phonies, And Cliques

I've been on EP, like, 2 1/2 months or so.

In that time, men haved sent me fan e-mail with pictures of their er--tions.

I've also observed a couple stupid tiffs breakout between members in the Question and Answer section, outright name-callingn directly addressing each other by first name or username.

I've also been friended by people from EP on my Facebook page.

So I am no longer anonymous. And maybe it was the illusion of anonymity all along, because I've known hackers who could bust a profile down to its original email as if it were child's play.

Here's the thing, I am not fake here. In fact I use this site as a place where I don't have to edit my past in order to be socially accepted. This site liberated me because it frees me to talk about what it was like to be addicted, to go to jail, to talk openly about things I cannot express in day-to-day life because I will lose face.

So to those who use this site to be the invented persona they always wanted to be... I guess that's something I understand having spent so much of my life wishing I could be anyone but me.

But for those who want to form cliques or jab at eachother with vicious remarks or even, in cases I've heard about, resorted to slanderous, hurtful statements... There are kids on this site. There a people with severe depression, and that kind of behavior may make you feel okay or superior for a second, but at what cost? What if someone is so down that an EP rumor or a loss of anonymity because they get outed for someone's kicks as the-guy-with-the-fetish-for-having-raw-bacon-rubbed-on-his-body decides he'd rather eat a bullet than live it down.

You never know someone else's mind and just because you know some of their stories doesn't grant you carte blanche access to their lives.

lolasinn7 lolasinn7
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1 Response Jul 12, 2010

Well said lola and it needed said. I share the sentiments, but could never have expressed it so forcefully. Here's hoping your words have the desired effect.